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Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the place we're testing every single mask we can get our hands on. Today that mask is MASKC, not A, not B, not D, but C. Let's open it up. And see if it passes the test.

Oh, you see what I did there? This is one of those annoying... Oh, no. Okay, it's in the middle. Well, that's weird. It's not even sealed. I don't like that. Okay. This is the earth tones pack. Oh, I like it. All right. Got a lot happening here. Let's put it in the clamper. Now this is very, very, very soft spun. I didn't even know that this is spun bond. I have not seen a KN95 with this material before. I know this material, but I've not seen it with this material. That's a good clamp there. And let's let it rip. This is a PFE machine, particulate filtration efficiency machine. We are doing the N95 test because we are in the United States, and that's a test we do on this KN95 claiming to be KN95 mask, which it is not. And I'll talk about that in just a second.

All right. Let's look at the actual listing itself. MASKC, very beautiful website, beautiful brands. This is one of the most popular brands that we've been able to find. What's funny is they only have 174 reviews, which is surprising for the amount of times I see them being promoted online. Okay. So they're saying earth tones, variety KN95 pack. Face mask features the highest quality premium material, soft touch texture, very soft, no washing, no extra filters to buy, no hassle, no reviews, as seen on Instagram.

All right, let's take a look at the actual package that it comes in. KN95, adult sized. Interesting. They're not saying where this is made. That is, actually, in violation of federal trade laws. You have to... Oh, no, it does. It's so tiny, I didn't even see it. Made in China. So made in China. Not surprised. A lot of things are. I dislike when companies try to hide that though. There's no reason to hide where you're being made from. Most things are made in China and a lot of quality things are made in China.

All right. So this is a very weird outer material here. And it is not a KN95 as we were talking about. Why is that? Okay. You need three things on the actual mask to be a KN95. You need to say KN95, you need to say the executive standard. And the most recent executive standard, which I'm going to hold them to and test here because they didn't put it on the mask is the GB 2626-2019. Ah, that's a mouthful. Why do we need all that? Well, that's a Chinese requirement of the KN95 standard. So that if you get this mask, you know, basically, what year this was made or what standard it was made to. And so this is very important. The third thing you need, that's really important, is the manufacturer name. Why? Why do you need the manufacturer name? Well, because this was probably made by some random company in China and then they made it for MASKC.

And what the Chinese government wants you to do, is they want to know the manufacturer because this is a product that is meant to protect you. So you need to know the manufacturer. Otherwise, you don't know what company you're whole holding this standard to, right? It'd be the same thing like buying a Ford or a Chevy or a Tesla and it not having the name on it. You have to have it. How would the police be like, 'Make and model'. They wouldn't know. It's the same thing. You got to have the name on here.

All right, let's try out the mask. Do that. I figured that was going to happen. And here's why, I'll just go back real quick. The welds on this, look at this, see how they're all over the place. They're not even. So you can see where the thing is stamped, and it's not even. It's all like cattywampus. Look at that one, see how it's all off-centered. That seems like a really nitpicky thing. But these are the kind of things that a good factory has as part of their quality assurance process. And that typically will... I think that one side is super, super... If I even put it on, in fact, all that nose where is really messed up too.

See, you shouldn't be able to just pull it off. This is one of those masks, and it's crazy because they're charging a lot for this. I mean there's 10 masks, $36. That's $3.60 a mask. And you're going to be at a grocery store, and you're going to put it on, and it's going to fall off. That's insane for a premium product. They spent a lot of money on the fabric itself, on making it very soft. They didn't spend very much on keeping it so that it will stay on your face. So Jennifer Gardner, Olivia Wild, they're promoting this mask as a 'fashion product meets protective gear', but it's really hard to be both. And this one certainly isn't it.

So if I do the smell test on this, it does have that Chinese polypropylene smell. I'd say it's medium strong. It's not the worst that I've had, but it does smell like someone spilled some gas on their shoes. That's kind of the smell that I would go with.

All right. Now remember, they are claiming to be a KN95. They say KN95 on the outside of the mask, they say KN95 on the packaging. And my question is, if they're not willing to do the very simple thing, like put the right thing on the outside of the mask, did they do all these other tests that they're supposed to do? Remember, the 95 and KN95 means 95%. What does it say? 92.630. 92.630. Now, this is very, very close to 95. It's not quite there. It is possible because there's so much variability in how these things are packaged, and how they're shipped. Possible that when they submitted to a third party lab or maybe they had internal a lab testing, it hit 95. I would doubt it though. I usually only see a variability of one or 2%. Not 2.5%. That's pretty high. But your mileage may vary is what I'm trying to say.

There are better masks out there, and by the way, you can buy them on Amazon, and they'll be at your door in a day. So I'm going to put a link to all the masks that we've tested. You can check those out and buy them from Amazon, and get something that'll actually protect you and your family. That's my recommendation. For me, this mask is a no.

All right. Thank you guys so much for watching. Always appreciate your time and attention. You could give me a like and subscribe, but I'm not going to ask for that. I'm not one of those YouTubers. No, sir. No, ma'am. I won't do it. Instead, I will just see you on that next test, which we are dropping a new test every day at 10:00 AM. See you there.



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