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Video Transcript Oh, hey there. I didn't see you. Well, you just happened upon the place on the internet where we test all of the masks that you can buy on Amazon. So, I hope you are excited. Actually, I don't know that. I hope you're excited because if you are excited there's probably something wrong with you, but we're in a small group of people so welcome. You're welcome here.

Today we are going to be looking at the HotoDeal mask which we bought on Amazon. So, let's open this thing up. Weirdest intro I've ever done. All right. This is a KN95 mask. I like the packaging. It's pretty good and looks like they're a pack of 20 and they're individually sealing these inside which I like in packs of 10. Open this up. I'm going to put it in our customized clamp thingy which is a technical term. Thingy. Trust me. You'll trust me on that. All right.

Clamp cam. What I love about this clamp situation is I don't have to worry about getting my hand stuck like I did when we were doing surgical masks. So, I know it's less exciting for you guys because everyone's like, "Oh, is today the day?" Not today, Satan. Let's go. All right. Let's talk about HotoDeal. Got a lot of people who are asking us to do this, and so we just went ahead, you know, spent the big bucks, $21.99, $1.10 a mask and bought it for you because I love you. I don't know who you are, but I love you. That's how I work. I love people I don't know. I probably should talk to my therapist. All right. Take a look at the... Actually just look at the bag. So KN95 right off the bat. Non-medical, executive standard, 2626-2019. How fortunate that's the standard because I've committed every word to memory, all 57 pages.

I'm trying to see if they're making any claims on here, which they're not, but saying it's KN95 is actually a claim in itself. They're basically saying if it says KN95, they're claiming that it has a 95% filtration which they're saying right here. Tested, filter efficiency 95%. Guess what? That exactly what this machine is designed to do. So, we will see how well they're doing. By the way, I'm looking at the airflow resistance. It's a little bit on the heavy side, 163 pascals. We like it to see below 150, but still within the range of the standard so you can be below 250 for that. But still it's going to be a little bit harder to breathe. I've seen KN95s as low as 100 pascals which is super breathable. So, already off the bat I wouldn't necessarily recommend this thing. Let's take a look at the actual mask itself. Pretty standard construction. I like the ear loops. This flat ear loop. Oh wow, that's bad. That's bad. That ear loop is probably going to come off on your face.

Look it. A a double. Come on guys. Yeah, that's not it. That's not good. I'll do the thing, you know. I'll do the thing. This thing. Oh, I think this one's actually a good one. This is the one that's strong. Okay. So, two out three, a one out of three ain't bad. Well it's 33%. They don't even make a number for that. Oh, I'm going to actually call this smell refreshing Chinese mask. Chinese mask for whatever reason. I don't know if it's the boat that they come on or whatever it is. It's not a terrible smell, but it's a very plasticy smell. And this one actually is like kind of delightful or also what could be going on is I've been smelling too many masks. That could be I like the smell now. More things for the therapist. I'm taking a look. The mask itself.

Now you can tell right away if something is a legitimate KN95 just by looking at the actual mask itself. So here it says, it has to say KN95, and it has to have the executive standards. That's what the Chinese call.

It GB2626-2019. But it also has to have the manufacturer name which in this case is oh, Chengde. Yeah, we know this. I've seen this before. Oh, they also make the WWDoll mask. Okay. I know Chinese manufacturers now. This is my life. Chengde Technology Co. Limited is the manufacturer and it's not on this mask. Now, probably the reason why it's not on the mask is just for marketing.
Like this Chengde Manufacturing Co., they can make this mask and then they can put it in a ton of different bags, a ton of different brand names, sell it many different which ways. And the reason the executive standard makes them put the manufacturer name on there is so that it's harder for them to do that. They want manufacturers to stand behind their product. So we just tested the WWDoll mask and it's also made by the same manufacturer.

So if you look here... Man, this camera is... Chengde Technology Co. Limited. Chengde Technology Co. Limited. This one is marketing as WWDoll. This one is marketing as HotoDeal. Same mask, same exact mask. Now, obviously this one's in black. I'll go ahead and pull it out. And look, yep. This is coming off the same line. See that KN95 2626-2019, KN95 2626-2019. This is very exciting folks if you're still with me. Does any of that matter? If it actually protects you like, right. Like okay, maybe I'm just like nitpicking. Okay, fine.

So I will tell you that this manufacturer has tested really well before. The CDC tested their masks. It was on the FDA's emergency use list. It was a pretty good mask to be honest, it was like 99%. When I tested the WWDoll mask, it tested really well. So, but does this test well? Let's see. Let's go ahead and see.
Same thing. Good standard, good manufacturer, right. Like that's the thing.

That's the thing that gets me here is like, they're making a good product it seems. 99.559%. I mean it's hard to get much better than that, right. It's a little hard to breathe. It's a little bit on the high side. I think it was like 160, 170 Pascal, but like a pretty good mask. I would buy a different mask just because there are more breathable masks out there, but it's good mask. So just put your name on the mask, man. That's all I'm saying. All right.

If you're enjoying this, like you're like me, I get it. Like we're part of a very small group people, well you've got problems, right. Thank you guys so much for joining me. I hope you're enjoying this as much as I am. And even if you're not, I don't care because I'm enjoying it. That's what I'm about. All right. Thank you guys so much and I will catch you on the next test.


Although this mask passed both filtration and breathability standards there’s no GB marking, which is why it fails to meet standard. The KN95 standard requires that masks be stamped with GB2626-2019, which provides reassurance that the manufacturer constructed the mask according to current Chinese respirator standards.

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Been watching these videos for the KN95 masks that test well regarding filtration and are built pretty well too. BUT it failed because it didn’t list the manufacturer name on the mask. However, it does say KN95 and lists the executive standard GB2626-2019. Also, these masks are coming from the same manufacturer anyway and you said it yourself in the video that these masks are well built and test well. But it comes down to the business who purchases it from the manufacturer and they resell it under their label. I understand why it is marked as Fail but would you allow that exception that everything else passed but it failed due to a small oversight??? Or at least a warning/information note that states the oversight? Just my thoughts.

Lisa Romo February 17, 2022

I have a batch of Hotodeal KN-95 that have the GB2626-2019 markings that you said were the reason you failed them. Would this now be a passing grade if present?

E H January 16, 2022

Thank you for performing this service of testing masks. It is greatly appreciated.
Please clarify the results of the Hotodeal Mask test for me. The video and the filtration performance of 99.59% seems to suggest that Hotodeal are effective masks to wear to protect oneself from exposure to Covid-19, and that these would be good masks to buy.
However, your site states that the overall result is a “Fail” and you have a button that says “Don’t Buy These Masks.”
Please clarify for me if these masks are effective virus filtration masks or not.
Thank you so much for your help.

Lana January 12, 2022

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