Hanglai Medicine KN95 Protective Mask

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Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the place where we test all the masks on the internet, even masks that I find in an airport. That's right. I was about to take off on a flight. Of course, I had my masks, but I was checking out getting a bottle water, because water's illegal to go through security, and I happen to see a couple of these KN95s.

This one is from the Hanglai Medcine. Note it's Medcine, not medicine, Medcine KN95. I looked at this guy and I was like, this is fake. I was like, number one, KN95 format doesn't just say KN95 on it. It says GB2626-2006, which is the standard that KN95 is held to. It's got to be on the actual mask. It's not on this mask.

Also, it has the FDA's old logo, which is wrong for two reasons. Number one, the FDA doesn't let you put their logo on packaging. And number two, if they did they'd want you to use their current logo. So this is like someone who's counterfeiting things and is like really bad at it. Or maybe they did in the past, but I'm excited to test it. Let's open this up.

All right. So I am using the NIOSH-style use salt test. I know, I know. Sodium chloride, NaCl, for this particular one. Oh, interesting. It says PM 2.5 on it. That's hilarious. All right, let's put this in. My clamp cam is not working today, so you don't get to see me almost clamp my fingers. Sorry. Let her rip. This is a particulate filtration efficiency machine. If you want to find out how this works, check out the link. The setup is a little bit different here. All right, so KN95s, KN95s. So this has got a quality certificate on it and it does say the standard right here on there. So see GB 2626-2006 KN95. Maybe it's legit. We'll find out.

All right. So let's check out the result. That's what I'm talking about. I know I shouldn't be excited, but you see, we've just been testing masks that are way too good today. And I was like, man, I was just saying, I want to have one that... I want to find one fake. I don't know. It feels like I'm doing something for the world. All right. 41.949. 41.949. That is a fake. Every time that you find a mask that has the old FDA logo on it, every time it will be a fake. Every time because you're failing twice. You're failing twice. You don't know you're not supposed to put the FDA's logo and you're using the wrong logo. So I'm just glad that that holds true. That is a nice like shortcut there. You see the old FDA's logo on something, that's a fake mask.

All right. Thank you guys for joining me. I hope you guys had as much fun as I did, which I don't know why I hope that. That just means that I hope that there's maybe people who are as lame and sad as me out there that they get kicks up finding bad KN95s. All right. This was a self submitted. I bought this at the airport. If you guys have a mask you'd like to share with me, please send it my way. I'll put the address down below. Thanks again for watching and I'll catch you on the next test.


The Hanglai Medicine KN95 Protective Mask failed because it wildly missed the filtration requirement (95%). The KN95 standard also requires that the mask have the manufacturer’s name and the appropriate technical standard, typically either "GB 2626-2019" or GB-2626-2006,” written across the front of the mask. This is similar to how official N95 masks display NIOSH approval numbers. This mask did not have the required identification on its front.

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