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Why did this mask fail?


Video Transcript Speaker 1:
Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the place we test every single mask in the world, especially YouTube, your mask. That's right. I will test your mask in my $250,000 lab. Happy to do it as a service to my beautiful, beautiful subscribers. I assume that you're beautiful. Anyways, I should have never thought about it. So I'm very excited today to get another package. Just came in literally moments ago. And I was like, you know what, Steven? I'm going to test this sucker right now. So let me pull this open here. Let's put your address down. This is Steven from Lawrenceville, Georgia. Georgia. Am I saying that right? I think that's how you pronounce it. Georgia. No, sorry. Let's read this.

Speaker 1:
All right. Let's see. It says, "Very helpful videos. Hello, Lloyd," with the emoticon. Like that, need more of that energy. "I found your channel back when the pandemic started and since then have binged watched every episode, LOL." Wow. That's more than my wife will watch. So do the math. "You're extremely interesting and your nerdy humor's appreciated." Nerdy? Wait a sec. So when I was in band... Okay, I should probably stop there. When I was in band in high school, I remember that the teacher was directing it, and he's like, "Oh, we're going to do this themed song or this themed thing with all the other bands." It was space so they did like Star Wars and Star Trek and 2001 Space Odyssey. And one of the things they did was star Trek. And we'll just have to leave it up to the imagination what I was like in high school.

Speaker 1:
But I thought I was pretty cool, to be honest. And so I'm sitting there and I'm playing the contrabass clarinet. Represent. And the teacher was like, "How does this Star Trek song go? What is this part here? What is it supposed to sound like? Does anyone know? Does anyone know?" And everyone was like, "Oh, Lloyd knows. Lloyd will know." And I was like, "I'm not a nerd. Why would I watch..." I've watched every episode. You're not supposed to know that. In my mind, you're not supposed to know that I'm a nerd. So there you go. We'll leave it there. Probably something again, talk to my therapist about. All right.

Speaker 1:
And thank you for that, Steven. "I'm genuinely interested in knowing the exact performance level of one of these masks that were the only ones I was able to find at the height of the pandemic. You don't seem to have it on video. I know you focused on surgical masks, but I've included some KN95s for your and my pleasure." We're a specific group of people, aren't we? So here are the Earntz, oh yeah, I forgot I have that camera, masks. And I can tell you just by looking at it that these are not going to pass. We'll talk about why in a second, but let's get it in the clamper. Okay. Wow. That is a cheap mask right there. Let's get it in the clamper. Earntz. Never heard of that. Got it clamped. Again, the PFE machine. There's a PFE machine, particulate filtration efficiency machine.

Speaker 1:
If you want to find out how this guy works, check out that link. We're doing the NIOSH N95 test, which is the same test that the KN95 calls for. So why is this a fake mask? You too at home can also identify fake KN95s. So number one, they've got the FDA logo on the packaging. The FDA does not allow you to put their logo on packaging, because it looks like what? An endorsement, right? Even if you were an FDA approved device, which isn't a thing for masks, by the way, they wouldn't let you put it on there. Secondly, that is the old FDA's logo. So anyone who's watched any of these videos knows that's probably not going to do well because it's using the old FDA logo.

Speaker 1:
Let's take a look. You think I looked. I looked. I did. I'm sorry. I ruined the surprise. 41%, Steven. 41%. 41.792. 41.792. That's not a good mask. I just had the legit 3M Aura mask in here and it did a 99.3 or something like that. So you can tell the machine is running just great. It's the filter that's not very good. And I'll actually switch back here and just show this mask. It's super weird. I've never seen this before. Wow. This is insane. They're so cheap that they didn't sonic weld the edges. So let's try it on. Oh man. It's going to break. Look at that.

Speaker 1:
Oh yeah, it's doing the Dumbo thing. Yeah, look at that. Wow. Worst mask. This guy, Earntz mask, gets the prize. Ding. This is the worst mask I think I've ever tested in terms of just like overall. Like overall, it's just real horrible. Wow. That's so bad. Steven, thank you. You earned a like. And I wish I could like and subscribe to you, my friend, because this, this made my day. All right. Thank you guys so much for watching us. I appreciate it. I do like likes and subscribes, but if you want to be like Steven, you can send me a mask I haven't tested before. Check out the link of masks I have tested. I'm going to put that below. Then there's my actual address. That's right. If you follow that address in Google, you'll show up here. This is probably a bad idea, actually, but it's literally here. You can show up here and you be like, "Hey." Bring me the masks. I might not be here. I don't know. All right. Thank you guys so much. I appreciate it. And I will catch you on the next test.

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