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Video Transcript Hey everyone. Thanks for joining me in the place where we test all of the masks on Amazon, including the Coast KN95. Very excited to check this guy out. Let's open up the box and put it in the clamper. All right, let's open it up. Normally they open from the top, but this one, I like the design of the box. We'll get to that in a second. That's cool. Ooh, look at that, that's really nice. Individually sealed I like it. There we go. Thinking this one might be legit. I'll tell you why in a second. This is a little bit different than we normally do. If you're used to our surgical mask videos, this is specifically to test KN95s but a link on how that is different. Go, go, go, go.

This is a PFE machine, particulate filtration efficiency machine. If you want to find out about this guy, check out that link. Got lots of links going on. Look, I know you're not going to check it. Big idea here is we are testing filtration, not the fit. You need fit and filtration for a good mask, right? But if the filtration's bad, the fit doesn't matter. So that's why we're doing this for you, because you can probably figure out if a mask fits very well. You're not going to be able to figure out if it's testing well. So I'm looking at the website it's certified by SGS. SGS doesn't certify. They are an accredited laboratory, but meet standards for GB2626-2006, which is the Chinese KN95 standard. And I do believe them and the European standard for the similar thing. Let's look at the box, I do like the design of the box. It's slightly soft touch. It's not a 100% soft touch. It's like a medium soft touch.

It's got the CE logo on there, which if they really did pass FFP2, that is legitimate. Most of the time, I just learned that if you put that on your mask, it's probably not correct, but in this case could be. So the reason why I think this is going to be a good mask is because it's got the standards written on the mask. Here you've got GB2626-2006, Niosh mask, N95. Same thing it'll say Niosh N95 on it. So they actually have to put that on most masks. You've got to put the name of the brand and you've got to put that. And you've got to say KN95, which they do. So anytime I see someone who's checking those details, they're doing a good mask.

They're using extra soft spun bond on this, which I like quite a bit, to be honest. And that aluminum strip is really solid as well. Okay that's good. That's a pretty good fit for me. Okay. Wow that aluminum's super malleable. It's very thin. But actually what I love about it is that it's not an aggressive thing against my nose, which I usually have.

Okay. I'm doing a smell here. This smells like a factory making new water bottles. It's got plasticy type smell. And I'm going to do, the ear loops are nice. It's very strong. It's good. That's not going to come off on your face. But I do know it's not going to hold up a bowling ball either. Because if I do that it's going to break. But it broke really aggressively. It hurt my finger, I'm not crying because I'm going through therapy about that. But yeah, you see how aggressive that was. All right. So I love it. Great box. Great care went into putting this together. This is done by hand. It's not done by a machine. Someone cared, someone somewhere. China probably, China. They cared that means something. And it usually translates to a good filtration, but we will see. Let's do it together shall we? Let's do it. Let's count down, I got to hear you. You've going to do it out loud. I know that you don't think that I know, but I need you to count out loud with me all right. Here. Ready, 3, 2, 1.

Ah, see what I say? 99.144, 99.144. That's a good mask man. If they're taking care to make a good box and good design and they're getting their standards done and they have the right certifications, that's going to translate. That's what the standards are for. All right thank you guys so much for watching. Hope this was helpful. If you end up buying Coasts masks, even though the FDA has recently told everyone to stop using KN95's. If you're buying that mask because of this video, I have a favor to ask for you. Just one favor, and I don't say this often. I'm not one of those guys that asks this at the end of every video. It's not true, I ask at the end of every video, give me a like or subscribe or something pat on the back comment, write my mom, buy me flowers, whatever. I'll see you next test. Thanks.

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I bought these on Amazon Jan 24th 2023.
The box that was delivered contained masks with an expiration date of november 2022 :(

Anne January 28, 2023

Thanks for the review. Worth a try even though I notice that these masks expire April, this year. Does that really matter?

Nancy Dewey September 29, 2022

I noticed that this listing had “cup style” although it seems like it is a flatfold / 2D, and also that it is listed Korea as country of origin, although other listings elsewhere indicate this mask is made in China. Just mentioning in case someone wanted to double check these. Thanks for all the useful info in this database.

Joanna Oda March 26, 2022

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