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Video Transcript Hey everyone, welcome back to the place we are testing every single mask on Amazon [blam-o 00:00:11] today. We are still working on the catchphrase. Catchphrase! See, we're looking at what I think might be an actual KN95 that is USA made. What? I know. I recently released a KN95. I was like, "We're the only USA made KN95." And I think I was wrong.

I think the good folks at BNX have done it before me. My apologies to y'all because they're in Texas, aren't they?

I'm going to open up this bag, and get it in the clamper and stop yapping. And I'll tell you why this is an actual KN95 mask. I was very excited as witnesses who were around me at the time last night when I saw this guy come through, I was like, "Oh my God, I think this is a real KN95 mask, which you just don't find nowadays, you know? They just don't have the good stuff anymore. Just kidding. It's a new standard.

All right, this is a PFE machine, a particulate filtration efficiency machine. My face is smaller than normal. You want to find out more about how this machine works, check out a link there. We're basically doing the N95 test, which is almost exactly the same as the KN95 test. So, what we're doing for you, the viewers at home, or wherever you happen to be with your screens, we're trying to test masks so that you can figure out if they are safe to use.

All right, let's look at this listing here. Just purchased this on Amazon. You can get it in black. You can get it in white. And it's manufactured in the USA. BNX converting. What are you converting? But it looks like a quality mask from what I can tell. Let's talk about why it's a KN95 mask. So, I'm actually going to set this one aside and use it as an example because I have this one here, which is ours. It just seems self-serving to continually use ours as an example. So, I like this.

So, you kind of need three things. You need to have the manufacturer name, which they have just emblazoned on the top, BNX. Has to say the standard GB2626-2019 KN95. And that's it. And they're doing extra bonus, they're putting the lot number on there. What is the lot number you ask? We do lot numbers by shift. So, every shift we have a different lot number. That way, if there's ever are an issue with a mask, we can trace it back to the materials that were used. And if there was any problems with that particular mask. So, having a lot number on is really important for manufacturing. But, honestly, is missed in a lot of KN95 masks. So, crazy they're putting on every single mask. BNX, good job there.

Wait, let's not celebrate yet. I haven't looked at the machine. Let's talk about the actual mask. Let's put it on. Getting a slight like [plastic-y 00:03:12] smell here. I'm going to call this smell, because they're in Texas, a brand new HEB shopping bag. Slight, slight, slight, slight plasticy smell. Not offensive at all. In fact, we just started making KN95s and we put a piece of nose foam on the inside to help with the fit and actually ours smell worse than this. So, good job guys.

Oh man, I didn't even see this. They're using this like this sonic [inaudible 00:03:46] that just looks insane. Look at how strong that is. Holy cow. I mean you can pull it apart. I mean, given enough for us, but that is good. That's solid. That's pretty good. That's pretty good. And the nose wires, excellent as well. So glad that BNX exists. I don't know you guys, it's weird, we're in Texas. Hit me up, bro. It's great that they exist. And to have the supply chain resiliency here not just the United States, but in Texas.

But maybe I'm speaking too soon because I don't even know what the test has done. So, let's head on over to the PFE machine, it's very far, and see what the results are. Oh, come on man. No, no, come on. Seriously? Oh, that is so frustrating. I was pumping them up and they... Oh. So, for the people who are joining us for the first time, the 95 in KN95 means 95%. And what you want to see is that number there to say 95, but it says 92, which I was never really good at math, but I think is three less than 95. Oh man, that is really frustrating.

Now, here's a couple caveats. When you do these types of tests, I'm just doing a quick two minute test and then I'm moving on to the next mask because guess what? This is actually not what I do for a living. Typically, you would test a batch of 20 or so, and then you would average those results. That is pretty low. But it's not insanely low. So, it's conceivable that the fabric is good and just there were some anomalies in the tests.

That said, I did just before this test, because we just calibrated the machine. This is the first test of the day, the first official one that we're recording. And the mask that I used to calibrate happens to be a mask that's sitting right next to me here. And I'm not going to promote that mask, but it just did 99%. So, I think the machine's probably correct. And I think that there's probably... Fortunately, they have the lot number on there so they can trace it back, E213912, trace it back guys. And figure out what happened there. And BNX, if you're listening, send me some more masks and I will test them on my machine.
How did it do on breathability?


123 breathability. Ah, great breathability. Got to work on that efficiency though. All right guys. Thank you guys so much for watching. I appreciate it. If you're just joining me for the first time, this is obviously the Lloyd reacts to KN95 mask results, which is super niche. But if you're into it, you're into it. So, I will catch you on that next test.


Updated: We may have been wrong.  Please see BNX test this lot that we sent them.  We will update with our own retest in the coming weeks.

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I would love to see a test of the BNX Black Trifold N95! It and Blox are my current go-to, with it as good base for stick on gem decorations.

Val January 04, 2024

You tested the N95 today which I hate because of those dual over the head rubber band straps. Where’s the retest of the KN95’s? Somethings Fishy in Lloydville ……..

Boomer April 23, 2022

Dude, it’s been months. Where the Armbrust retest of the BNX KN95 Face Mask?

an inquiring mind

tat April 05, 2022

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