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Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the place, we are testing every single mask on Amazon. That's right and today we're looking at KN95s, specifically the Arun KN95. So I got some things to say about this, but let's put it in the clamper first. All right.

So first of all, this is... I can't contain my excitement. It's a soft touch box and look, individually sealed masks. Oh man. I mean, that's legit. "Lloyd, if you like that so much, how come you don't individually seal masks?" Great question, Lloyd. I don't have it. I don't want to, it's hard. All right. So actually they're not individually sealed, it's doubled up. All right. Let's put it in the clamper here.
So this is a little bit of a different test that we've done with our surgical masks. This is specifically made for N95s or KN95s. The GB2626 format is a specific type of test that is done. That's good. And we will let a rip. This is a PFE machine, Particulate Filtration Efficiency machine. You want to find out what this thing does, check out that link. All right. No one will, no one does it.

While this is loading, let's talk about KN95s. Now I'll bring this up in a different way than I normally do, just because if you go and you can see, we did actually buy this on the website. First thing they say, "Authentic CDC and EAU approved KN95 masks. This product is approved for emergency use in the USA. It has passed the CDC sampling test and is qualified." Ah. Sorry. Now, if you go and look on the website here, you will see they come up and it says respirator models previously... Or sorry. "The table below includes a list of non-NIOSH-approved respirators manufactured in China that were authorized at the time the EAU was revoked." That's right. "Revoked effective July 6th, 2021." So the FDA is no longer saying any KN95s are approved. No longer. Does that mean it will protect you? That's what this machine's for, I don't know. But just a little bit of a false claim there, right on the listing. I just think they haven't updated it, but I mean, come on that was July. So this and any KN95 is not approved in the United States any longer.

Let's look at the box now. Okay. So I do like the box. Soft touch box, KN95. This is the GB2626, it's the old format, -2006. When you see that at the end of a standard, that's the year that the standard was made. The most updated standard was 2019 so this one's a little bit old, which is actually very common, I find. I'm looking and seeing if they have any claims on here. Made in China, storage requirements, single use, year loop. Great box. Individually packaged.

How many is in this guy? 20 pieces, 20 pieces, 10 packs. That's great. You can put it in your Fanny pack or something like that. Pretty basic design. Another thing to look out for is, you want to make sure that it says the actual standard. On any KN95, it's got to say the manufacturer name. It's got to say KN95 and it's got to say GB2626, and then usually 2006 or something. I know, I'm fun at parties. I make that joke. If it doesn't say those things, it's probably not an actual KN95 and then it probably won't protect you, but not in all cases. So pretty good.

I'm going to do the test here. Oh, okay. That's not good. I'm going to have to open a couple of these up. Sometimes I... think that that actually might jump off your face if you put it over your ears. Let me try it again. Oh my gosh. Yeah, that's not good. These ear loops are not good. All right. I'm not going to try anymore. That's going to come off on your face. Let me put this on. Ah, that ear loop is shorter than that ear loo, that's funny and it's huge. For Americans, I get it. I feel like I'm being judged, but whatever. This is the largest KN95 I've seen. So if you have a larger face, this would be great for you. Yeah, it's uneven though because this ear loop's smaller. I call them Nemo ear loops. Think about it.

Let's do the smell test. This smells like a Chinese KN95, no longer authorized in the United States. I'm being petty, I know. The nose wire's pretty good though, I like that. It is a little scratchy here. Sometimes when they do the construction, when they're doing the welding, it gets scratchy right there, so I don't love that. And then I'm going to try to... Yeah. See that just came right out. That one side is not very good. That did really hurt. I think this might actually fall off when you're using it.

All right. Well, I think that's all I got to say about that. What does the PFE machine say? Because yeah, maybe the FDA is saying don't use this, but does that matter if it actually does protect you? Right? I mean, at the end of the day, survey says. Oh wow, that's awesome. I mean, that's a great result. 99.895. 99.895. And I'll do the report to figure out the actual breathability. And breathability is 95.3. That's amazing for a 98, 99... For a 99 result, that's great fabric, great fabric on this mask. Amazing fabric. I think this might be the best fabric that I've ever put in this machine, in terms of breathability and filtration. Wow. Ear loops not great and... Yeah, lying to you about being on the EAU, that's just, whatever.

All right. Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope this has been helpful. If you end up buying these masks because you like this review, give me a like or subscribe or don't. I mean, you could always steal my car, Grand Theft Auto. If that's something you're into. It's illegal, but go ahead and do it if that's what you want. It's a free country except stealing cars. All right. Thank you guys for watching. I'll catch you on the next test.


If a KN95 mask does not have the manufacturer name and the standard number they are meeting (GB 2828-2019 or GB2828-2006), then they cannot be considered KN95 masks. 

When masks fail to meet these very basic requirements they are given a failing grade even if filtration and breathability scores are good. Our belief is that if they are skipping these basic parameters, what other corners have been cut?

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Dear Lloyd, First I would like to thank you (& Armbrust) very, very much for all of your mask & respirator testing. Considering the inordinate amount of products available, knowing which are the highest quality is extremely difficult. Your data & efforts are much appreciated!
Second, I have some questions about this Arun KN95 mask’s labeling. Would you please confirm if the above photo of mannequin’s mask IS labelled with the standard number they are meeting (GB 2828-2019 or GB2828-2006), so they CAN be considered KN95 masks? I ask because you state that the masks are NOT labeled, resulting in a “Fail” result. Would you clarify what is stamped on the mask & is this mask the one you tested? If the mask is properly labelled, then would it not “Pass”? Thank you very much!

Christine October 14, 2022

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