Ahotop Kid-Sized KN95 Face Mask

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Why did this mask fail?


Video Transcript Hi, how you doing? We are testing every single mask on Amazon, including kids mask. I hit the button, there you go.

Today we're looking at the Ahotop, sounds like a Egyptian God of some kind. Let's open up this box and see how it does, just make it so hard. Can't even see this box. See what, see what I did there. So, they are making the claims, they're saying this is a kid sized KN95. I don't believe there's actually a kid size or a kid KN95, but they're not being disingenuous there because they're saying it's just kid sized. So it's a small KN95 that said, they're saying it's a KN95 and it is not a KN95. It is a fake. And I will show you what I mean by that.

Let her rip, this is a PFE machine, particulate filtration efficiency machine. If you want to know more about how this thing works, check out this link. However, in very simple terms, we're using the N95 test that we have to keep compliant here, to test this KN95, which is basically the same test that you need to do. And so that you can know if this thing is going to protect your child or small face.
The first thing I'll say about this is it's very, very, very soft, which I see a lot in kids' masks. They use this really, really nice spunbond it's almost like actual fabric.

Why'd I say it's a fake KN95 real quick, to be a real KN95 you need three things you need to say, KN95. You need to say the standard of KN95 you're using which, in this case is there you go, GB 2626-2019. Usually on the box, seldom on the mask. Quick way to tell if a mask is a fake needs to say that. Also needs to say the manufacturer name, in this case is, oh interesting. Oh, here we go. [Shenzhenshi Zhong 00:02:04] tech co. limited. Yeah, a lot of times they don't like putting all those words on there because they're marketing to a Western audience.

Really great, I knew it was going to be strong just by the mat... ah. Came off both sides. Yeah, your loops are not great. I think that a child might pull them off. Cool different colors though. There's different kinds of camouflage. So depending on if you're in the woods or if you're in the urban area you can do different things. Your kid can really hide.

Let's do the smell test. I'm going to call this smell a giant bin of molten polypropylene. That's a mask joke. That's what they're made of. Okay. Yeah. I mean, pretty, pretty good mask. I think it smells just a little bit for, for my kids, and actually, if you notice, it's actually pretty big. So, this fits me just fine, this would be a perfect fit and I don't have a small face let's say. So I don't know if this is actually a kid's size. I think that for my kids, this would be too big. One man's opinion.

But does it matter, if it doesn't protect you? That's what this machine is meant to tell us. 99.124. That is great. Now I did notice the airflow or the breathability was about 177. I like to see things under 150, if I'm going to use one and for my kids, I want to be closer to a hundred pascals. That's just, if you're going to use it for long term, if a kid's going to be breathing through this for eight hours a day during school or whatever, like they really need to have a more breathable mask. That's my opinion that said, the scores check out on this mask. It's not a terrible mask, so Ahotop pretty good job. Pretty good job. All right, guys, thank you so much for watching. I appreciate your time, attention and I will catch you on the next test.


The Ahotop Kid-Sized KN95 Face Mask failed because the KN95 standard requires that the mask have the manufacturer’s name and the appropriate technical standard, typically either "GB 2626-2019" or GB-2626-2006,” written across the front of the mask. This is similar to how official N95 masks display NIOSH approval numbers. This mask did not have the required identification on its front.

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You’re failing this one on breathability but have others with a HIGHER breathability score on your pass list. I don’t understand.

Molly January 27, 2022

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