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Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the place where we're testing every single mask on Amazon, even the ones that we order and then they show up in a bag. It's clearly not what we ordered, so much so that I have no idea which listing it was. These are the pains of ordering hundreds of masks at once, but here we are. I'm just so excited to test this one because this is just a really poor job at faking something and that's just what gets me going. So, let's open up the Korean Version KF94, made in China. I'll talk about all the reasons why I'm laughing and you can judge me. So these are very not good looking mask. I think we did a mask like this before. In the beginning when I was testing all these KF94s, I was like, you know what's so great about the KF94 is that no one copies them. There's no counterfeit so you just know if you get a KF94 that it's going to be a good mask.

Then I started getting all these Chinese fakes that are not KF94s. All right, let's get this thing going and we'll talk about why. All right so, a Korean KF94 has to be made in Korea. This is clearly not made in Korea, even though, does it even say where it's made? Well, yeah. Can I see the... So inside there's a certificate that tells me where it's made, which is in China. It's made by the Wankang Protective Equipment Co. Limited. So, they're already lying there because all KF94s have to be made in China. Also, they're saying the executive standard is GB2626-2019, which is the KN95 standard.

So they're like, "It's a Korean Version KF94, KN95," which is pretty funny to me, because I'm lying. Also, on a KN95, so even if we were judging them by that standards, you would need to say KN95. You need to have the manufacturer name and you need to say GB2626-2019. So they're breaking the KF94 standard and the KF95 standard. The question is, is that going to translate to something on this machine? We'll see. Ooh, do you see that? Stuff blew out. Oh wow, that's horrible. This is what happens with people who are faking stuff. They just don't make a good product. There's fluff in the air. I'm actually kind of nervous to put this on my face. Maybe someone sent this to me to kill me. This is very weird. This is a first for me. This smells like dehydrated peanut butter.

Which may mean that I'm losing my mind. We'll see. I did this before to a fake KF94. Okay, that's not bad. Oh, that's pretty bad. The whole thing just comes apart. Okay see, it should tear like that, but the top part did you see that just came right out? Was that the top? No, that was the bottom. The bottom just came right off. See, that shouldn't happen. But the top a little bit harder. That's not good. That's not a good construction. The question is, does it protect you? The KF94, the 94 in KF94 and the 95, because they're claiming both, but obviously lying about both means 95, 94%. What does this say? Well, they're not lying about that. I mean they could have, they could have. It probably it would've proven my point better so you got me Korean Version on that one.

That's a good, that fabric's good, 97.188. 97.188. What was the breathability? Breathability was 201 which is a little high for me. I like to see things under 150 pascals. For me that's going to be comfortable to wear for eight hours plus. 200 is still within the KN95 standard so they're not violating that, but still guys just buy a real KF94 from Korea. You're going to be happy. Super affordable. They come individually packaged. They look great. They feel great. Support the OGs and go with that. If you like this style, do that. That's my recommendation. Don't buy the knockoffs. You're really not going to save that much money plus I have no idea where we bought these from because they just showed up. So anyway, thank you guys so much for watching and I will catch you on the next test.

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It has the GB2626-2019 on the package. The country of origin of Korea above is probably incorrect.

Anna February 23, 2022

Anhui, a province in China. Cheap-looking packaging, like fading color is another telltale sign of fake products.

Alice January 11, 2022

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