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Why did this mask fail?


Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the place where we are testing every single mask on Amazon. That's right. Even the masks I forgot to buy. That's right, we missed some. I don't know how. I spent like $10,000 on masks. Not kidding. Check out the video. And you kind beautiful people out there are sending me masks that I missed on Amazon. Like literally I got this in the mail, the address here, and I got these masks and guess what? I didn't buy them. And I asked Brittany, and she didn't buy them. Brittany, did you buy them?

She didn't buy them. Oracio didn't buy them. No one bought them. So I'm assuming someone out there bought them and thank you for your good manners in buying this. I shouldn't do jokes on the fly. Never works out. All right let's get this thing in the clamp. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I love this. This is KF94. It says FDA on it. We'll investigate that. I've never tested a bad KF94. So like I've tested mostly bad KN95's, but never a bad KF94. And part of the reason why, is to be KF94, you have to be made in Korea. And the Korean FDA is like as good as [Naish 00:01:23], or maybe not as good, but they're like up there. They actually really care and seem to do a good job of policing manufacturers. So I love that. It's very common in Korea. They like individually package all of these, which is really cool.

It's interesting though. There's no writing on this. Okay. Right. All right. Let's put it in clamp. What am I doing? What am I doing? This is a specialized clamping machine that or apparatus that we use here. This isn't what we use in our official like [Naish 00:01:58] tests. It's just, it's a really easy way for us to, for me for Lloyd, because I'm impatient to do these tests. So is a PFE machine, Particulate Filtration Efficiency machine. If you want to find out more about how this differs from other setup, check out that link above. All right. We'll let that run. Take a look at the listing. 100 count. Okay. Well this is probably a different skew. Oh, look at this. It comes with some sort of cleanser. That's cute. This is very Korean. It's even got the Korean language on there. Quadruple filtration systems. These face masks are for adults and older children. Now saying it's a KF94 is inherently claiming that it's going to have protection of 94%. You can see the back is all in Korean. I don't know what that says.

I don't know what any of this says. Yellow dusk mask. I'm assuming that's like a mistranslation considering that it was white. Going to open this up. I always love the way that these fit and feel. So the big thing is going to be different from an N95, is that it's going to be an ear loop, which is probably more comfortable for consumers. Let's test that. That's nice. That's nice.

They're nice.

I don't think it's going to break. It's pretty good. Yeah. It's good. Good quality there. Put this on. I did just spend 10 minutes stretching out the ear loops. So it may not fit me as well as it normally will.

Oh wow. That smell is a delightful floral arrangement. How? That is just beautiful. I just, I don't mind that at all. They must apply something, or their factory just smells delightful, not sure. Great fit. Look at that around the edge there. Great fit up here. Beautiful fitting mask. Lot of breathable space, which is going to make it more breathable than ever. Great mask. Always a great mask. Always excited about KF94's . Got to give [Aaron Collins 00:04:16] a shout out for this. Because I knew nothing about KF94's before all of this. I had invested millions of dollars in the factory behind me, making mostly surgical masks and cup style respirators. And honestly like, I got to tell you, like if I would've known about KF94's, I would've invested in that form factor. This thing is awesome. It's a great mask.

And let's see, the test, there you go. 99.637. 99.637. Great mask, feels like pretty good breathability. Let me just pull that up real quick, so I can make sure. 108.82 pascals. Great breathability. That's on par with like a surgical mask. And I see that they say FDA on here. I think this is probably registered as a surgical mask through the FDA as well. So great product. Obviously, you're going to pay a little bit more for these. These are about, usually about a dollar a piece, but I mean, great mask, very comfortable. Thank you guys so much for watching this, really appreciate it. Thank you to whoever sent me this mask. I appreciate you specifically. Just know that I'm just, good vibes. It's coming from the heart. Good vibes going out there. I really enjoy that. I ask for likes and subscribe, which I like. I'll take a like and a subscribe. If you're giving them, I'm taking them. Not going to say no, but what I would love is for you to send me a mask, just like this kind person did. There's my address down below. All right. Thanks so much. And I will catch you on the next test.


One of the many masks purchased by one of our viewers to test, the Good Manner KF94 is a boat-style mask manufactured out of Korea by Hand Health Care Co. It came from Amazon, and contains individually packed masks. Our tests show a 99.37% filtration, great construction with very strong earloops, and a pleasant flowery smell. 

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mr muhammad hakeem

muhammad March 01, 2024

1st of all why are they testing masks from Amazon?. I would not trust Amazon as most products are fake. best to get it directly from the manufacturer which they could have.

Jake March 22, 2023

I bought these on Amazon because of your good reviews based on your testing . Do you know why there is no branding on the mask itself. Everything I read now states the mask itself should have branding or identification on it or it is fake.

Priscilla Villamil July 19, 2022

KF94 Yellow dust masks are worn by much of the Korean population as protection from a form of air pollution called Yellow dDust (Hwang Sa). Fine yellow dust particles get whipped up from the deserts in Mongolia and Northern China into the jetstream and deposited over Korea. Every day for the average Korean includes the pollution forecast that is mostly from this yellow dust. Sometimes it gets so bad they have to close the schools. It’s an interesting phenomenon worth reading up on.

Carol Holaday April 29, 2022
I bought 10 of these (but in black) because of the great scores it got on your tube channel, for both Filtration and Breathability.
I also like the KF94 style better than the K95 beak shape.
I think this page is broken. “Why did this mask fail?” always shows, but no explanation. The test results above are blank.
Can you correct the page, and please remove “Why did this mask fail?” from any pages where the mask actually passed.
Thanks for your hard work !!

Chr1s S' March 23, 2022

Hi can you please confirm whether the filtration rate for this Good Manner adult KF94 mask is 99.637 as per your YouTube comment or is it 99.37 as described in your website above. Thank you

Foong January 31, 2022

Hi can you please confirm whether the filtration rate for this Good Manner adult KF94 mask is 99.637 as per your YouTube comment or is it 99.37 as described in your website above. Thank you

Foong January 31, 2022

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