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Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the place where we're testing every single mask on Amazon, including the MHCare KF94 from Amazon. Very excited to see so many KF94s on Amazon. Let's get this thing in the clamper and see how it tests. Now, KF94 is a Korean format that is highly regulated by the Korean FDA. All I know about it is that the masks have to be made in Korea, and the machine that we're testing in here, which does the N95 test, these masks should roughly pass at about 94%. I'm going to let it rip while we start looking at the mask. This is a PFE machine, particulate filtration efficiency machine. I'll put a link there if you want know more about the N95 test and how we do these things.

And let's talk about MHCare. Oh, MHCare, Medical Health Care. You were just really on the nose, isn't it? So KF94s recently started exploding on Amazon, which is great. Gives me a lot more masks to test. And honestly, they are great masks. For the most part, filtration efficiency seems to be very, very high. But what ends up happening is that the breathability is actually very low. One thing that is interesting about this mask though, that is a little bit different, most KF94s, and this is another brand, have this MFDS logo on here, which is the logo for the Korean FDA. And I'm not seeing it on here. If you can read Korean, let me know. I don't know. I don't know what that means.

I have yet to have a fake KF94 yet though. Maybe this will be the first. Let's try their ear loops out. Yeah. So for the most part, I found that the KF94s don't have incredibly solid ear loops, but I don't think any of them are going to come off on your face. This is a little bit of a different design though, than I'm used to seeing. I feel like I can understand, I know all of the patterns of what the machines look like. I've tested so many of these now. Look at that. Look like a ninja, surgeon. I don't really look like a ninja, but I want to. So that's why I'm saying it. If I say it enough, maybe people will believe it. Wow. Look at that Lloyd, he looks like a ninja. No?

Oh, that doesn't smell great. It smells like a recently cleaned bowling alley. Yeah. It's a little stronger than I want it to be. All right. So claims to be a KF94, doesn't have the Korean symbols for KF94, which is the first time I've seen that. Smells like a cleaned bowling alley. But does it protect you? Let's see. It's a first. It's a first. It's a first. The first fake KF94 that we've had. Now you can get like... Look, I'll put a link to all the Amazon masks we've tested or all the KF94s we've tested on Amazon. And what you're going to see are a lot of those things are really good, like high...

What have we tested? 10, 20 of these today? And every single one has been 98%, 99%, except for this one. 78. All right. What was the name of this even? Oh, and this one was the Medical Health Care, right? MHCare? MHCare? Medical Health Care? More like shmedical healthcare. All right. Thank you guys so much for watching this. I do appreciate you. I appreciate your time and attention. I would love if you guys have a mask that I have not tested, put a link in the comments, or you can send them to me. I also put my actual address you can send me the mask, and I will test them. Thank you guys so much again, and I will catch you on the next test.

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mr muhammad hakeem

muhammad March 01, 2024

This MHCare KN94 looks from the numbers like it should be a great mask, but when I viewed the video, he concludes it is a fake KN94 and only filters at 78% efficiency! Not sure why there is the disconnect on this, but I’m glad I watched the video instead of just going by the numbers published!

Benjamin G August 20, 2022

Would you please test MFIIDEN KF94 mask , I bought them before I found your videos. The mask says made in Korea, but I track the shipping is from China, and the individual package company name is missing. Thank you for putting the videos out for us, thet are very helpful,

Joyce Schlosser January 25, 2022

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