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Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the place we're testing every single mask on Amazon. Today, we are looking at the Dr. Smile K. Just put doctor in front of a name and it sounds legit. I love it. We are going to put this in the clamper and we were going to see how legit you are, Dr. K, Smile K. Why the K? Was Dr. Smile like already another brand? Oops. Bought this from Amazon. Put this in the clamper. Is this claiming to be a KF94? Ooh, this does not look like a KF94 at all. But I'll get into it. Don't worry, I'll figure it out. It's a mystery. And that's what we're here for guys, to solve the mystery.

This is a PFE machine, particulate filtration efficiency machine. If you want to find out more about how this works, I will put a link up there, but just so you know, we are doing the N95 test here. Now, I used to say there were not any fake KF94s that I could find, but now all of a sudden the jig is up and they're everywhere. KF94s have to be made in Korea. I don't know much more about it, just because I haven't been able to get my hands on the standard, but this actually does seem pretty legit. Made in Korea, Aurora World, Inc. Okay, that's the distributor. Aurora World Corp, Republic of Korea. Made in Korea. You don't usually find manufacturers lying about the country of origin, because it's huge fines there. Dr. Smile. Oh, I like that. Koreans are really good at marketing. I do think this is legit because they're also putting it in an individual bag, but this is a different design. It's almost like the KN95 design that I've seen before.

It just doesn't feel very strong. I don't know if a kid could do that. I mean, a real beefy kid, for sure. So remember, the 94 in KF94 stands for 94%. That's what this machine is meant to test. This smell is Chloroform. That's what it smells like. Why do I know that smell? Dark time in my childhood. I was wearing Dr. Smile K masks. Nevermind. I'm going to try one more thing because I want to see if this will break, if a kid would be able to break this on their face. Okay, no, but this thing is really like... That's very weak. That's a very, very weak tear. But I peeked. I cheated. And it's a pretty good mask. I mean the fabric's pretty good. 99.895. 99.895. And the breathability, 150 pascals. I always say, from all the masks I've seen, I like to see 150 pascals or lower. So that's a pretty breathable mask.

For whatever reason, kids masks are usually harder to breathe in. I don't know why they do that. Your mileage may vary. All in all, Dr. Smile K, pretty good mask. Not the best mask I've seen, but it's up there. All right, thank you guys so much for watching. I appreciate your time and attention. Running a competition. Leave a comment below in the next 24 hours on any of our videos, and something cool could happen. Thank you so much. And I will catch you on the next test.


Dr. Smile K’s boat-style KF94 mask are among the respirators that performed best when going through testing, with a 99.89% filtration result. For all masks labeled as KF94, it’s important to identify and verify that the manufacturer (Auroraworld Corp) comes from Korea, which should help ensure you’re not picking up a counterfeit that looks like the one you bought. This one meets that stipulation, which is why we’ve marked it as OK to buy.

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Hi I purchased this mask using your database and links to order…I received it yesterday and its KN 95 shaped but its supposed to be a KF94…I searched through all 240 plus videos on you tube to see Lloyd testing this mask…I wanted to make sure Amazon didn’t pull a fast one on me and I couldn’t find the Dr Smile video…thanks for everything you do.

Stella Wiltshire January 25, 2022

1. Lloyd is entertaining and informative. Very useful web data and YouTubes
2. Dr Smile is listed as boat type KN94 but your photo and the Amazon photo depicts a kn95 style mask. What?

Marc Wertheimer January 21, 2022

Hi there! Bought these Dr. Smile K face masks that were linked on your site, but just noticed that your description mentions a boat-style mask, but the link isn’t to the boat-style version. Does this other version have similar filtration and breathability scores? Thanks!

Judy January 15, 2022

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