Ranto Weini FFP2 Mask Face Masks

Ranto Weini FFP2 Mask Face Masks

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Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the place where we're testing every single mask and respirator on Amazon, including the Weini masks. That's right. On Amazon though, they go as Ranto. So your mileage may vary. Let's open this box and get it in the clamper. Okay. That's weird packaging. I don't know why, but it makes me uncomfortable, that packaging. So this is a FFP2, which is basically the European N95, I think. I actually don't know much about FFP2. But I could tell that it's probably legit because it's got a lot of weird stuff on it I'm not used to seeing, and they're trying to sell it as a brand, Ranto. But the part of the KN95 and the FFP2 standard, all of these standards, NIOSH, N95, it's all the same.

They make you put the manufacturer name on the actual mask, so that you can actually know if you can trust the mask. This is a PFP machine, particulate filtration efficiency machine. It's the only reason y'all should be showing up to listen to me talk because I don't know what I'm talking about, but this machine does. It does all the talking for me. Ranto 50 pack, bought this on Amazon. It's professional. Don't worry. Professional. This is basically the KN95 design with a head strap. So you've seen these before with N95s, but it has the head strap instead of the ear loops. They're saying headband.

FFP2 is a European standard. Airflow resistance, the breathability is 166, which is pretty high for this KN95 style. Usually, we see below 150 for that. So I'm guessing that FFP2, but you can make something in the comments if I'm wrong, is the N95 style. So I'm thinking that it should be hitting a 95% filtration. Let's go ahead and test this. Good lord. It's something, and it's not good. It's like a broken light bulb is what it smells like. It's really weird. I wouldn't necessarily wish that smell on someone I didn't like very much, but whatever. Headband seem pretty good though. So construction seems pretty solid. Why does that always happen? Why? Every time I go to compliment you, mask, and you disappoint me.

I'm talking to masks now. So that's where we're at. And it's not even noon. That one's good. So it's the bottom one that isn't super great. So does the Weini mask protect you? Let's see. Oh, (beep). 67.191. 67.191. And what's crazy about that really terrible PFE is that the breathability wasn't good either. So you can't breathe in the mask, smells like hot garbage, and it doesn't protect you. There's definitely better masks that you could be buying out there, especially... Well, at 38 cents a unit though, that's pretty cheap for a respirator type mask. I wouldn't buy this one though. All right. Thank you guys for watching. Thank you, Weini, for making my day. And I will catch you guys on the next test.

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