Breathe99 Elastomeric Mask Kit

ergonomic facepiece

Ergonomic Facepiece

The Breathe99's ergonomic facepiece is made of soft, FDA-compliant materials that conform to your face shape for a protective fit that reduces the fogging of glasses. The patent-pending design folds in half for easy storage, can be washed by hand or dishwasher.

Breathe99 Filters and caps

Filters + Caps

Our high-efficiency changeable filters protect you from airborne contaminants, such as particles of air pollution, smog, wildfires and infectious diseases, under normal everyday breathing conditions. For detailed information on filter efficiency, please check out our Filter Technology Review.

Every Breathe99 Mask Kit comes with 5 sets of original filters and 2 filter caps

Breathe99 Fabric overlay


An interchangeable, adjustable, and breathable textile component which secures the facepiece to the wearer. The strap design eliminates ear rashes caused by standard masks. Machine-washable.

Check out the Breathe99 Mask Product Tutorial video for tips on how to get started.

What was the Breathe99 Mask designed for?

The Breathe99 Mask is the result of 4+ years of human-centered product development, originally geared towards protection from air pollution, smog and wildfires. The design was adapted during the Covid-19 pandemic, with the removal of the exhalation valve to cater for the growing respiratory protection needs of global citizens.

Who designed the Breathe99 Mask?

Behind the Breathe99 Mask, there is a team of designers, engineers and medical-device specialists with the goal to create a low-waste, durable alternative to N95 and other disposable masks. The result is high level protection in a sustainable, lightweight design that is ideal for extended lifestyle use.

Is the Breathe99 Mask sustainable?

The Mask is made from durable materials that can be washed and reused hundreds of times. Using the filters is more affordable over time than disposable masks, and reduces waste by up to 80%.

Where is the Breathe99 Mask produced?

The Breathe99 Mask is designed and produced in the USA. We work with ISO-certified manufacturers and suppliers based in the Midwest to ensure the quality of all of our products.

Find your fit.

Use the following sizing guide to ensure the Breathe99 Mask is right for you.

Breathe99 measurement nose to chin

Measure nose to chin

Use a piece of string or a ruler to measure the distance between the tip of your nose and the point of your chin. Make sure not to measure under the chin as the Breathe99 Mask is not designed to wrap below the chin.

Breathe99 sizing table

Verify Fit

Ensure that your nose to chin measurement is within the range shown on the table above. The bottom strap of the Breathe99 Overlay, which fastens around the back of the neck, has a maximum circumference of 21 inches (53 cm).

Face Shape & Fit

Breathe99 measurement nose to chin

Compact Fit

The Breathe99 Mask has a flexible facepiece that conforms to your face to form a seal. It is normal to take a few days of use for the facepiece to break in and achieve the best position for sealing.

Breathe99 sizing table

Adjustment and Seal

The Breathe99 Mask is designed to sit low on the bridge of your nose. If you have a prominent or low nose bridge, you can flip the inner seal up achieve a tighter fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some common questions about Breathe99 Mask.

Is the Breathe99 Mask FDA or NIOSH-certified?

Breathe99 Mask is designed to comply with NIOSH N95 standards per 42 CFR Part 84, but it is not yet NIOSH or FDA-approved. 

Will the Breathe99 mask fog my glasses? 

Breathe99 Mask is designed with a flexible seal that eliminates or significantly reduces fogged glasses. If you are experiencing any fogging, you can try flipping the nose seal portion to achieve a tighter seal on the nose.

Does the Breathe99 mask come in multiple sizes?

No, currently we have one adult size.

Can I use multiple discount codes?

Only one discount code or offer can be applied per order. Please select the offer that works best for you.

What does the Breathe99 Mask filter?

Breathe99 Filters remove 99.6 - 98.3% of airborne particles down to .1 micron at normal breathing rates. This includes common contaminants such as dust, biological aerosols, and smoke. Download our Breathe99 Filter Technology Review to learn more about Breathe99 Filter performance and third-party testing at the University of Minnesota.

How often do I need to change my Breathe99 filters?

Please see the Use & Care tab for when to change your filters, based on what you use them for.

What materials is the Breathe99 Mask made of?


FDA-compliant TPU and Polypropylene


Body: 84% Nylon 16% Spandex, Binding:  92% Nylon 8% Spandex, Stabilizer and Strap: UBL 89% Nylon, 11% Spandex


Meltblown and Electrostatically-charged polypropylene 

How breathable is the Breathe99 Mask?

Breathe99 Mask is very breathable for a respirator or face mask. However, it will not be as comfortable as wearing no mask at all. Breathe99 Mask exceeds the recommended breathing resistance required by NIOSH for Filtering Facepiece Respirators. Light breathing (walking, desk work, driving) through Breathe99 Mask will feel easier than heavy breathing (long flights of stairs, hard labor).

Always taking care.

Stay safe and stress free with easy filter changes and cleaning.

Filter Changes

For a person who only has occasional contact with the public, and can stay physically distanced, we recommend:

  • Change filters at least every 2 weeks.

You should change your filters more often if:

  • You interact daily with the general public, such as for a job
  • You or someone you care for is immunocompromised
  • Your filters get wet while in use
  • Your think your filters may be contaminated

These are guidelines only, as you know your personal situation and risk level best. Please note that no mask can eliminate the breathing in of all particles or the possibility of getting sick. We have previously stated that our filters can be used for unlimited wear time, but felt that did not adequately account for the pandemic-time risk of contamination or degradation due to humidity.


The facepiece, filter caps, and fabric overlay may be washed by hand using a mild soap or detergent. Alternatively, you can place them all in a laundry delicates bag and machine-wash them on the delicates cycle in cold water.


When not in use, the Breathe99 Mask can be folded in half with the overlay straps used to secure it closed. Alternatively, the mask can be left on a clean surface or hung somewhere that is out of the way. Do not store in a sealed container because this prevents moisture evaporation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Eric Goodspeed
Breathe Long and Prosper

Reporting from the medical field and having tried numerous other disposable and reusable mask systems, I find that the Breathe99 is a superiorly designed and functioning mask. It is compact, light, good looking and durable. The mask is easily carried when not worn. To date, since my first Breathe99 usage in early 2021, my practical real world n = 1 experiment has proven to be effective.

Thank you so much for your thorough review! We are proud to provide a mask as quality as the Breathe99.

Grace Gausman
Comfy, and reusable

I really like the idea of reusable AND that it has a comfortable neck cord. However, most importantly, it filters 0.1nm particles which covers the Covid sized Virus, without the pooching on sides so theres no leakage!,

Thank you for your review! We are glad the Breathe99 is fitting comfortably and keeping you safe!

Pieter Lechner
Great mask with issues for me

Like some other reviewers I experienced some leaks at the top of the mask when I first put it on. I can eliminate them by tightening the adjustable straps (a very nice feature). But that makes it a little too tight for wearing for extended periods of time. I should add that having tried 13 different N95s it's clear that I have difficulty getting a great seal with any mask. Filtration is something that can be measured (thanks Lloyd for all your efforts) but fit is not without a formal fit test. There is unfortunately no way to know for sure how well a mask will fit without trying it on. And even then you can only approximate how much leakage you are getting. But it is a very nice mask and if it fits you well it should provide good protection while looking good as well.

Thank you for your review and thorough input! Yes fit is indeed important and can be tricky to get perfectly. That is why we have such a thorough FAQ with the Breathe99 mask that helps quite a bit to ensure the mask fits comfortably and properly!

Love it

Wish it would fold and fit in pocket

Thank you for your review and feedback! We will definitely keep this in mind.

Don Penovi
I'm in it for the Long Haul

I haven't worn it much yet. I go on a flight next week and intend to wear it. Plus I want to wear it on high pollen count days. I assume it's good for pollen too?

I'm all in on the reusable concept.

Thank you for your review! With the level of filtration, this mask works well for those high pollen days too!

Rebecca Harris
Great mask!

Fits so comfortably, it can be worn for hours! Looking forward to using it for air travel.

Thank you for your review!

Hilton Dier
The right stuff

It was easy to put together. The adjustable tie is a plus, because sometimes I want to put it on over a wool hat. It’s easy to breathe through. No appreciable resistance. The fit feels a bit weird at first because the bottom is between the chin and lower lip instead of the usual over the chin fit. It still works and I got used to it. The flexible seal is especially large, which makes it comfortable. It seals well, but I generally have to tweak the nose clip and shift it to get it right.

Once I have it on I almost don’t feel it. It does stick out into the bottom of my field of vision, and that takes some getting used to.

The cloth cover is less obtrusive than a white N95 disposable, although the shape of the whole assembly is a bit space age.

I’m glad I bought it.

Thank you for your comprehensive review!

Breathe99 Mask

This mask is lightweight, innovative, compact and has great style. It fits/rests securely on the cheeks and chin when the strap is pulled tightly. It doesn't fit my nose without having to flip the nose piece/lip up to hug my nose bridge. When donning the mask, I worry about cross contamination with my fingers as I have to lift the nose piece up to hug the bridge of my nose. I can clean my hands but I'm unable to clean the nose piece each time I need to don, especially when running errands. Doffing the mask is easy. I'm in the cold Winter season. I wonder how this mask will be in the Summer. Look forward to seeing the performance.

Thank you so much for your thorough and comprehensive review! We really appreciate your feedback.

Ronald Tipps
Great Idea, Doesn't Fit My Face : (

I really wanted to like the the Breathe99 mask. I have been wearing Graf Lantz cloth masks for over a year now and while they are great for fit & comfort, I tire of laundering them by hand, and I like how material-efficient the Breathe99 is with its filter inserts. But my nose isn't shaped quite right to fit the top part of the mask (I get a somewhat-better seal if I flip the flaps up, but then they're pretty uncomfortable), and it is a bit too short for me. As long as I keep my face still- not making any expressions or talking- The fit is so/so, but as soon as I try to speak, either the nose piece is pulled down by my chin, or my chin pops out of the bottom.

That said, I am likely to try other options if Breathe99 or Armbrust make them. I don't think cloth masks are sustainable over the very long term, and would really like something easier to clean, and Breathe99 gets pretty close with this product.

Thank you for your review and feedback!

The Breathe99 definitely has a unique fit. For help on how to properly wear it, note the fit guide here:

I have reached out to you personally to continue our conversation, look forward to hearing back!

Not comfortable for me

I bought this mask with the hope that I’d be more comfortable on my upcoming flight. I wore it around the house for a day and my skin was very irritated. Maybe it’s just me because others have found it to be very comfortable. Unfortunately going to pass on this one for future use. :(

Hi there!

Thank you for leaving this review with us, and we are so sorry the Breathe99 did not fit you well! It is indeed a rarity for someone to feel discomfort when they wear it, but that does not lessen your experience and feedback!

I have reached out to you personally so we can continue our conversation.

Look forward to hearing back!