Introducing Nano: N95-Level Air Filters for your home

Nano Air Filters By Armbrust

We've spent two years at Armbrust pursuing our passion to provide the highest level of respiratory protection to Americans.

It's not enough. We can do more.

Today, we’re continuing our commitment in a big way by focusing on the very real problem of indoor air quality. The majority of people (99%) are breathing air that exceeds pollution limits and threatens their health, according to a recent warning from the WHO.

The quality of the air in our homes begins with the quality of the air filters being used. Improving that filtration is the first step in securing long term respiratory health for everyone. That's why we're taking the technology we developed for breathable, N95-level masks, and applying it to home A/C filters with our new company -- Nano.

Nano is our promise to continue protecting our customers' respiratory health for years to come.

We're humbled by the trust you placed in us to protect you during the pandemic. Now we ask that you let us continue serving you with our first new product.

Please join us for the beta launch of Nano Home Filters: Want cleaner air at home? Start building your custom profile now.

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