Masking The World And Giving Back: Armbrust Donations

Armbrust American launched its first factory months after the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 after recognizing the dangerous lack of quality PPE available across the country. Originally, the plan was to sell surgical masks and N95 respirators in bulk contracts to hospital groups, state governments, and federal agencies -- but we quickly shifted gears to give American consumers direct access to purchase masks. We felt a responsibility to our fellow citizens, which is why we also added an option for people to purchase donation packs of surgical masks to be given to organizations in need.

Today, Armbrust is proud to say that the company and its loyal, patriotic customers have now donated millions of surgical masks to hospitals, assisted living facilities, doctors offices, schools, and various organizations with first responders that need protection. 

Protecting Our Students With Donation Masks

Getting children back to school has been a priority for our government, which was made far more complicated by the COVID-19 delta variant’s surge. While the country is awaiting approval of vaccinations for young children, the one sure fire way to stay protected against airborne viruses is to mask up. That’s why we decided to shift gears in August…

Currently, anyone who purchases a donation pack of masks will help us keep students and teachers safe from community spread of coronavirus. Donation packs will go to American K-12 schools, prioritized by organizations with the greatest need who apply through our website. For as little as $2, you can help keep our schools protected with a donation of masks the next time you stock up. Although there’s also an option to donate 100 masks for $20 if you’d just like to help out.

Helping Mask Up The World Over

Of course we realize America isn’t the only part of the world that’s experiencing a surge of Covid infections due to community spread. Armbrust’s executive team has also helped facilitate PPE donations to countries that are badly in need of masks to keep first responders healthy while tending to the sick. As the delta variant slammed India’s health care system, the company was able to supply some organizations with masks. More recently, representatives on behalf of Malawi reached out to Armbrust with a request for help in keeping nurses, doctors, and other first responders protected while working amid the pandemic. Located in Eastern Africa, Malawi continues to see community spread of the coronavirus among its over 18 million citizens, including 60 percent of cases coming from high populated cities such as Blantyre, Lilongwe and Mzuzu, according to recent data from UNICEF. Armbrust’s PPE donation is the largest the country has received from a U.S. company.

If you’d like to continue helping us keep our communities safe, please visit our donation mask page for more details.