Win A Mask Sample Kit | Find Your Perfect Fit

The best mask available will not protect you if it doesn’t provide a good fit around your face. Ideally, that means the mask’s non-woven fabric creates a tight seal around the nose and mouth when worn. Everyone’s face is slightly different, and finding the best-fit mask hasn’t always been easy. So we decided to fix that problem, and there’s even a great way for you to help...

We’re in the early stages of launching a new Mask Sample Kit, which contains a variety of quality USA-made masks in different styles so you can pick the one that fits your specific face the best. You’ll be able to choose from fold-style KN95s, traditional “cup-style” respirators, “duckbill-style” respirators, or surgical-style masks. This sample pack represents our commitment to ensure that everyone can affordably find their perfect mask or respirator. We only sell American-made PPE that meets or exceeds the highest filtration standards, but fit is personal -- and just as important.

Want a FREE Sample Kit? All you have to do is enter our new contest. To enter, simply leave a comment on the latest YouTube video review. We will pick a new winner every day at random.

Get The Kit Even if You Like Your Current Mask Option

USA-made Mask Sample Kit

Did you know there are between seven and nine types of face shapes that a person can have, or that there are hundreds of unique facial feature genetic elements that play a factor in face shapes? I didn’t, until I started a mask company.

I know we humans are creatures of habit, but your usual go-to mask might not fit your face as well as it should. The Sample Kit is a way we can help you upgrade your protection. Buying each of these 10 masks individually would run you hundreds of dollars, too. And trying foreign-made, cheaper options is also not a great idea even if you find one that fits well -- unless you have $250k worth of lab testing equipment and a technician to verify their protection.

Armbrust American actually does have a mask testing lab, as well as lab techs, which we use to regularly test & review every Amazon mask we can find listed in their marketplace. Then, we share the results via video mask reviews on YouTube, posting a new test everyday at 10am CST. And like we said above, just leave a comment on our videos for a chance to win a free sample kit. 

What’s Included In the Sample Kit:

  • 1x KN95 | by Armbrust
  • 1x Surgical Mask Pack (10) | by Armbrust
  • 1x Cup | by Shawmut
  • 1x Cup | by Demetech
  • 2x Fold (small & regular) | by Demetech
  • 1x Fold | by Aegle
  • 1x Fold | by Indiana Face Mask
  • 1x Duckbill | by Gerson
  • 1x Duckbill | by ACI
  • 1x Duckbill | by Progear Prestige Ameritech

We hope you find your forever mask or respirator among this collection. Thank you for watching our videos, supporting an American supply chain, and doing your part to end the pandemic.