Is Your Mask Safe? Check Armbrust’s Mask Testing Database

The combination of Amazon and unregulated, foreign-made PPE can make buying a mask that actually protects you from Covid-19 harder than it should be. As the New York Times points out, there are still a huge number of counterfeit masks still being sold everywhere. Seriously, there are hundreds of different brands making lots of bold claims, which is why Armbrust American has been testing every mask we can find in our laboratory to see how they measure up.

What Masks Are In the Database?

We're testing surgical masks, non-medical 3-ply face masks, N95 masks, KN95 masks, KF94 masks, and cloth masks. We initially started by buying every single mask available on Amazon, but that was just the beginning. The database contains hundreds of mask reviews from the most popular brands, and we’re testing new masks every day.

Want to know how your mask measures up?

We’ll continue to make the results of every mask we review publicly in our Comprehensive Mask Testing Database , and are posting new videos of tests being conducted by our CEO Lloyd Armbrust at 10am every day.

Don’t See Your Mask Listed? Send Us A Pack to Test!

If you don’t see results in the database for your particular mask, we would be happy to review them and share the results. ( NOTE: Only those who send a full pack of masks will be considered for testing, as we require multiple masks for each test procedure.)  Please send a full pack of masks to the following address:

Lloyd Armbrust
13501 Immanuel Rd
Pflugerville, TX 78660

And don't forget to watch our mask reviews: