Join Us In Resurrecting American Manufacturing

Plenty of people might look at me funny for amplifying all the success we’ve had building a surgical mask manufacturing company. (We are selling masks during a pandemic, after all.) At the same time, launching a manufacturing business is so much harder than the majority of startup entrepreneurs may realize.

How? Well, it’s cash intensive, requires constant equipment maintenance, and lots of engineering work. Things like packaging and shipping a product, which seem fairly straightforward, can be far more complex, as I’ve realized. And if you’re making medical equipment, there’s an added component of getting your products tested, registered and certified as safe for use in medical settings.

And yet, I can’t deny that we’ve got both success and momentum right now. It’s something I’m very excited to discuss at this year’s Austin Startup Week. The panel, Opportunities for Innovation in Startups Responding to COVID-19 , also features some other brilliant innovators including Everlywell Founder and CEO Julia Cheek and Texas Venture Labs Executive Director (and all around badass) Mellie Price. You can join us to hear the discussion live Oct. 6 at 1:45 p.m. on the Austin Startup Week website.

Help Us Build The Next Phase of Armbrust American

Since launching back in May, I’ve received so many notes and letters from our customers offering suggestions for improvement or kind words of appreciation and encouragement. So it’s not difficult to understand why I consider each and every customer an investor in what we’re trying to do.
But most Americans are not millionaires. Yet, it’s typically only millionaires that get a chance to invest in the fastest growing companies such as Armbrust American. So as we expand, it’s only natural that we would give all Americans a chance to invest in our future through a crowdfunding effort. If you would like to participate in Armbrust American’s fundraising effort, you can do so via a SEC-registered intermediary crowdfunding platform, available HERE.
And, don’t forget to watch our investor pitch: