Armbrust Inc. Expands into 100% Nitrile Gloves

American medical manufacturer continues efforts to become the premier source of USA-Made medical products and shore up domestic manufacturing.

ELGIN, Texas, February 15, 2023 -- Medical manufacturing company Armbrust American has begun production of 100% American-made nitrile gloves, the next product offering in its mission to become the premier source for USA-Made medical products.

Produced in Louisiana, Armbrust is providing both FDA-cleared, chemo-rated gloves with a 510k and food grade industrial gloves. Sizes range from XS to XXL. This expansion will help ensure that US consumers and hospitals always have access to the highest quality gloves regardless of global supply chain issues.

Founder Lloyd Armbrust felt that nitrile gloves are the perfect way to grow the company’s offerings. "We’ve spent the pandemic focused on producing the highest quality, American-made masks. In this next phase Armbrust American is going to be expanding our product lines into other types of PPE, making sure we can build the same kind of diversified, robust, and above all domestic supply chain that made our masks so successful.”