Armbrust American Featured on NPR’s ‘How I Built This Lab’

As anyone who’s followed our journey can tell you, it hasn't been easy.  But when your mission is to keep Americans safe and help restore manufacturing in the U.S. - the struggles are worth the payoff. 

Guy Raz, host of NPR’s How I Built This (Lab) podcast recently sat down with CEO and founder Lloyd Armbrust to find out how we did it, and what’s coming next.

“It’s an amazing story about how you built an entire manufacturing business in six weeks in the United States,” Raz said during the episode. “It’s like a blueprint for how to do it. And you did it despite the difficulties.”

With more than 19 million downloads per month and airing on 354 public radio stations across the country, The How I Built This podcast and its related shows are among the most listened to business programs in the world. The show routinely unpacks the processes and motivation behind some of the largest and most storied  businesses, and it has recently expanded with a sister podcast devoted to exploring innovative, non-traditional companies that stand out -- like Armbrust American.

“The boom and bust cycle of the mask business is not something I would recommend to anybody,” Lloyd explained, noting those difficulties as well as hinting at what’s next for the Armbrust team:

“I think when we can connect with a consumer base, with our story, over something that they want and need (masks), it makes sense. But the moment they don’t need it anymore, that connection is broken. That’s one of the reasons we’re taking the same technology [developed for masks] and launching an air filter business for home HVAC units. Because, that’s something everybody needs, and it’s where the conversation is going. You need something in your home that actually can filter the air for you at a quality level.”

You can listen to the latest episode for free on Amazon’s Wondery, Apple Podcasts, or your favorite podcast platform.