Safe Guard Medical Disposable Gloves Review

Elongation: 464.39%   |   Tensile Strength: 36.274   |   Overall Grade: Fail

We are testing every glove we can find on Amazon! In this video, Lloyd checks out the Safe Guard Medical Disposable Gloves manufactured in China.

Safe Guard Medical Disposable Gloves Review
Safe Guard Medical Disposable Gloves Review
Safe Guard Medical Disposable Gloves Review
Safe Guard Medical Disposable Gloves Review

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Video Transcription:

Hey everyone. Welcome back to the place we were testing all of the gloves that I can get my hands on. Oh, that joke is not going away on Amazon. That's right. Today we're looking at the safeguard, um, medical disposable gloves, which is a very weird flex medical disposable gloves. I don't think that's the standard, but they dare saying nitro exam on there. So we're gonna hold them to that standard. Tara is gonna help me out, uh, by cutting out a small piece of the glove called a dog bone. We're gonna put that on this fancy machine behind me. Uh, while we're not, I say we, it's like the, like we're doing it together, but really Chris is gonna do all the work. It's really tearing Chris doing this. Um, and, uh, he's gonna test it, uh, for, uh, elongation and tensile strike. Now, medical gloves are held to these crazy standards.

You have to do all this, all this crazy testing to pass the FDA's requirements for the stuff. And this is just one of the machines. And so our thought process is if it passes the elongation and tensile strength machine, um, uh, then it will, you know, it's, it's more likely to pass these other tests. Uh, and if it doesn't pass this, it's more likely to fail those tests. That's just my opinion. That is not scientific. Um, and also I just like saying elongation. All right, let me elongate these gloves right here. That's pretty good. I would say that's better than average on that. And I'm gonna do the, the thumb cut there. Did a little explosion there, but yeah, that's pretty good. Let me take a look at the, uh, the box here. I don't like the box. I mean it, look, it showed up like all mangled safeguard, medical disposable gloves, medical grade gloves.

I'm not sure that that's a thing really. Let me see what else we said. Okay, so I got the manufactured date. This is very recent, February of 2023, so it's less than six months ago. That means this needs to pass 500%. Um, uh, elongation, we're gonna break this glove until we're gonna stretch this glove until it breaks and it needs to beat 500% to meet these medical claims. Oh, safeguard meets all FDA five 10 K standards for examination gloves. That's an interesting way of phrasing things cuz it's not saying it has a five 10 K or it is five 10 k. It says it meets all the FDA five 10 K standards. I'm willing to bet that this is not a FDA because it doesn't have the, the, the, the chemo rated and that's all it would like. The lowest level of the type one medical device for FDA is chemo rated. Right?

It does have a standard that you have to meet Yes, for

Chemo rated. So they, they would put that on. You would see this. That's kind of a quick check if you're looking at boxes, you wanna see this like little chemotherapy, drug permeation resistance and it shows all the different, uh, things that, uh, the chemicals that it was tested against. This is saying it meets the standards for five 10 K but doesn't list those things. So it's like that's kind of making some very weird claims there. Hmm. Smells like, um, a medical room.

All right.

So again, 500% is what it needs to meet, uh, to meet the standards that it's claiming. Can't really see it. Do you see it? Is it right in the middle? Nope, it's high. Yes, it's


Top 25%. Oh, I see it. Oh, top 25%. What do you think? You think it's gonna break?

We'll see how steep the curve continues to

Get. So it hits 300, 3 50,

I think it'll break before 500.

Yes, it's hit 400.

Oh there it goes. Uh, so 464%, 4 64 0.39%. Uh, with, uh, tensile strength of 36.27. Again, tensile strength needs to be above 14 and 500% elongation if it's been manufactured in the last six months, which according to the box this one has. So this one has failed the standards. Now disclaimer, we're doing one test. Typically you gotta do 13 per lot and then uh, you would have two. If you have two failures, then that would fail. We're not doing an official test here. This is just like one quick way for you to benchmark at home. This may be a great glove. I would personally, I would just choose a different glove. The other thing that's really weird is on the back of the box, safeguard meets all five 10 K standards. That's not saying it's a five 10 k. That's saying it meets the standards and that seems janky, which is a technical term. Alright guys, thank you so much for, uh, watching this. I appreciate your time and attention and uh, I'm gonna catch you on that next test. Alright, see you there.