PROMEDIX P Nitrile Gloves Review

Elongation: 411.0%   |   Tensile Strength: 24.766   |   Overall Grade: Fail

We are testing every glove we can find on Amazon! In this video, Lloyd checks out the PROMEDIX P Nitrile Gloves manufactured in China.

PROMEDIX P Nitrile Gloves Review
PROMEDIX P Nitrile Gloves Review
PROMEDIX P Nitrile Gloves Review
PROMEDIX P Nitrile Gloves Review

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Video Transcript:

Hey everyone. Welcome back to the place we were testing every single glove that we can get our hands on. And yes, for the 40th time, that is a joke. Today we are testing the nitro gloves by ProMED. These names ma'am <laugh> kills me. It's good for a kitchen, it's good for kitchen gardening, cleaning, decoration or mechanical. Let's open this box up and get it going. So we are going to, well, not I say we, I don't do any work here. Uh, Tara's gonna cut a small, uh, sample out of the middle of the glove. We're gonna use that sample, put it on the machine behind us, and then we're gonna stretch the heck out of it till it breaks and see if it's any good. 'cause I'm assuming if you're wondering which gloves that protect you at home, you don't have, uh, $150,000. What is it? Shiatsu?

Yes sir. Shiatsu

Shiatsu gloves stretching machine in your basement to figure that out. That would not be a good use of funds. I don't think my wife would approve that one, that purchase. These are thinner than some of the other black gloves we've gotten. I'm gonna do the uh, and it doesn't have, you know what's interesting? A lot of gloves have this like kind of rib on the end. Oh, the

Beaded cuff. Do they advertise a beaded

Cuff? They didn't advertise in Beed cuff. Don't they just come with one? No.

Typically yes. I mean I haven't seen any of that. Don't,

This does not have a beaded cuff. No beaded cuff. Can you believe that? It's non-medical. Oh, it's non-medical. Is that why? Yeah. Okay. Non-medical. Oh, it does say non-medical on there. Yes, but it's called peds confusing. Alright, I'm gonna do the, uh, the wince test here. Oh yeah. No beaded cuff to pull on here. It makes it harder. Oh, but that didn't hurt as much. Interesting. That beaded cuff really has a snap back to it. I'll tell you that. Uh, see how he didn't know about something, uh, 30 seconds ago and now it's just part of my lexicon. All right, so these are made in China by the Blue Sale Medical Co limited disposable nitro gloves, non-medical. And these are made for Amazon. They've got on the box, printed the Amazon code. So these are Amazon as all heck manufacturing date. Wow. Just a couple months ago, April.

So this is a fresh pair of gloves. So even though they're non-medical, we are going to hold them to the medical standards 'cause we're jerks. We're jerks. No. Um, they could sell this and not pass this test, but if you're gonna buy a pair of gloves, I think you might as well buy one that passes test. Might as well. Alright, so what we wanna see here is this pass. Uh, we're gonna pull this sample till it breaks. When it breaks, we're gonna see this line drop down here. We wanna see this, uh, go to 400, 500% or greater. Not many do that. We need it to pass a tensile strength of 14, which it looks like it's going to, but it is on the high side. Meaning it's gonna break pretty soon. It may not hit 400. What do you think?

Mm, I think just over four.

There it is. And you were right on the money there. Just over 400% elongation. 411% on the money. Uh, tensile strength of, uh, 24.7. Six six. So not a terrible glove actually. I mean, it may not have a beaded cuff, but you know, depending on what your use case is, this is not a bad glove. Uh, this looks like it wasn't very expensive. So it looks like this may be a good, and it was made for Amazon, which tells me it probably wasn't very expensive. Um, and you know, for that reason, this may be a great use case for you. Um, I would choose a different one mostly because I don't like the shiny box. I hate the shiny box, but your mileage may vary. Thank you so much for watching. Hope you enjoyed this review. If you did, you can like, or subscribe or not, you don't care. I mean, you don't care about me, then I guess I still care about you because that's the type of person I'm, so just remember that, you know, when your head hits the pillow and you didn't like or subscribe. Have a good one.