Lydus Nitrile Examination Gloves Review

Elongation: 513.68%   |   Tensile Strength: 22.366   |   Overall Grade: Pass

We are testing every glove we can find on Amazon! In this video, Lloyd checks out the Lydus Nitrile Examination Gloves manufactured in Thailand. 

Lydus Nitrile Examination Gloves Review
Lydus Nitrile Examination Gloves Review
Lydus Nitrile Examination Gloves Review
Lydus Nitrile Examination Gloves Review

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Video Transcription:

Hey everyone. Welcome back to the place we're testing every single glove on Amazon. That's right, gloves, like masks, but for your hands. All right, today we're looking at the light Nitro examination gloves. And Terra is gonna open this up and, and cut a small piece out of the, uh, the exam glove. Um, this is going to allow Chris to test on this very fancy machine, which we'll show you in a second. All right, let's talk about Leidos here. So least favorite box in the world is a gloss box. I hate this box. Um, you know, maybe that correlates or not, I'm not sure. Um, but Leidos, let's see. Let's take a look at these guys. They say they meet. Oh, you're gonna be excited. Uh, meets ASTM D 63 19. Oh, most

Excited. I've been all day <laugh>.

Um, and it says five 10 K cleared. Okay, that's the FDA's, uh, designation for class one medical device. So, um, that means it's gone through a huge process to make this happen. It does have the ASTMs logo on the box, which I know ASTM does not want you to put that logo. You have to say member underneath it. Um, so that's, you know, one strike against them. Um, lemme see when the, where these were manufactured. Thailand, which is gray, they make some of the best gloves, gloves in the world for a long time in Thailand. And, uh, when was the date, the date of manufactured? This is very confusing. Uh, December 15th, 2021. That's an, and, uh, in technical terms, that's an old ass glove. Um, so it's gonna have slightly different Thank you Tara <laugh> than, uh, slightly different, um, manufacturer, uh, standards, which I'll show you in a second. All right, this is the, the, uh, dog bone. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> so's. Just gonna measure that. Gotta say Leus. I don't love your blue. It's a good glove. Feel good. Hand feel, hand feel. Nine out of 10. It's a little tight for, is this a medium? This is like the tightest fitting medium that I've ever had.

I'm gonna try this here. Yeah, I've, I've had better on that. And then I'll do the, uh, oh, that's really good though. Oh, and it didn't explo No, it exploded as a micro explosion. All right. There's so many. That's what she said. Jokes with gloves. I just can't even start, but I, I will say the glove that the hand feel on this is really nice when you put it on. Um, and I don't know why that is. It's just, it's like silky smooth. I should do the smell here. We're gonna call this smell, uh, slightly used beach ball.

These are old gloves.

You know, one thing I'll point out on these boxes says a hundred gloves by weight, they don't actually count the number of gloves, they weigh it. So you may get, you know, 95, you may get 130. Um, because they're weighing it, they're not putting it in there directly is just a lot more efficient way to do, uh, these Arden Nitro examination gloves. They say they're five 10 K and they, and they're cleared and that it meets, uh, ASTM D 63, uh, 19, which is the, uh, a TM standard for medical exam gloves, right? Yes. Um, I, but, uh, we shall see cuz that's what this machine tests. All right, so let's get onto the machine. Are we ready to go? Yes. All right, we're doing it. All right. So we're testing for, uh, two things here. Tensile strength, um, and, uh, and for elongation, uh, to meet, um, D 63 19, uh, we're gonna have to beat 500%, uh, elongation and, uh, tensile strength of 14.

So 14 is gonna come across here. 500%. It's gonna, across here, we've only had one glove on here, a medical glove that has beat, uh, that standard. Now there is a stipulation that if the glove is over six months old, it can be 400%, um, or better by new gloves. People, what can I tell you? If you're buying gloves that are made, um, in China or Thailand and they're being put on a boat and then they sit in an Amazon warehouse, it's not gonna be as good quality because that glove, after the manufacturing process continues to cure and as it sits on that boat, you know, it, it basically gets harder and harder and harder until it doesn't protect you anymore is accurate. Yeah, that's pretty good. That's like one of this is like the second best glove that we've had so far, which makes sense.

It's five 10 K cleared. The FDA doesn't typically mess around with this type of thing. They keep their manufacturers, I can tell you in line. Um, and this is not a surprise that they're doing so well. And look at that above 500%. This is the second best glove that we have tested. Tensile strength of 22.3. Look at that curve. Beautiful curve. If you know anything about gloves, you know it's a good curve. <laugh>. He does. He was excited by the curve. You, you couldn't tell. Very nice. Couldn't tell, but he liked it. Um, 513%. Second best glove that we've had. Makes sense. It's a five 10 K glove. You know, I don't love the box of leus, but I like the results. Good job. Leus, gloved hand thumbs up. Thank you for checking out this video. Uh, I appreciate your time and attention and I will catch you on the next test.