JussStuff Disposable Nitrile Gloves Review

Elongation: 420.6%   |   Tensile Strength: 29.269   |   Overall Grade: Pass

We are testing every glove we can find on Amazon! In this video, Lloyd checks out the JussStuff Disposable Nitrile Gloves.

JussStuff Disposable Nitrile Gloves Review
JussStuff Disposable Nitrile Gloves Review
JussStuff Disposable Nitrile Gloves Review
JussStuff Disposable Nitrile Gloves Review

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Video Transcript:

Hey everyone. Welcome back to the place we are testing every single glove that we can get our hands on. Today we are looking at, what is that disposable nitro gloves by just stuff. It's gotta be one of the smallest boxes we've seen in, but we all know that good things come in small packages. At least that's what my mom told me. Alright, so Tara's gonna cut up this glove and cut us out a nice sample that we call a dog bone. What she's looking to do is, uh, get a nice little piece that we can put in this, uh, tensile strength in elongation machine. Are these smalls? Okay, I ordered every single mass that we ordered on Amazon was medium and they sent me this small glove. Oh, small box, small glove. There you go. All right, I'm gonna do my unofficial wince test. Well, that's actually pretty strong.

Ah, ow.

I'm doing my, my little thumb breaky chest. Okay. I would say that's probably in the bottom 40%. There you go. Chris, you, you wanna try the smell out here? You wanna see what that that guy smells like you smelled the one my hand was in. I don't know. That might be a judgment on me. Not the glove.

It doesn't

Smell, it really doesn't smell like anything, so my hands must smell awful. That's what your face tells me. All right, so they're not making any claims on this glove, so we're gonna hold them to, uh, the A S T M standards. Oh, it's, we care. We care products. L L C. Just stuff they make. Uh, we tested their masks, so they're, now I wonder where they went with just stuff. It's J u s Ss. S t u f F. Just stuff here. Uh, it was made in early January, 2022. So this is an old glove. Um, so it's gonna be held to, uh, a little bit different standards. It's got thin spots.

Yes. I can see

Some of the sample as well. Ooh, just stuff. Chris does not like your glove.

Are we going? We are going. Oh man, he took me seriously. Alright, we are mentioning, uh, we are stretching this thing until it breaks. Once it breaks, that's when the line's gonna come down here and that will tell us what percentage of stretch we got out. We wanna see 500%, but this is an older glove, so it has to be above 400%. Chris doesn't think it's gonna make it though. I can tell he's very negative on this glove. I can feel the energy coming out of him. We in the top. Oh yeah. Oh, okay. It's the top. Yeah, that's what I said. Bottom 40 is what I said. So that seems to be right. Um, it is above the 14 though, it looks like on tensile. So it's, yes, it's, it's making that so it's at least meaning that Okay, we're above 300 and we have 400. Wow. Why are you so judgy about this glove? I don't understand. We care. Just stuff. Not a bad job. Uh, what was, uh, 420? Uh, 0.6%. 29.26. Uh, actually that's a pretty good glove small box. A little too small for my hand, but I'd say it's up there in one of the gloves. I would actually recommend depending on the price. Thank you guys so much for watching. I appreciate your time and attention. I will catch you on that next test.