CHGD Disposable Nitrile Gloves Review

Elongation: 405.36%   |   Tensile Strength: 19.769   |   Overall Grade: Pass

We are testing every glove we can find on Amazon! In this video, Lloyd checks out the CHGD Disposable Nitrile Gloves manufactured in China.


CHGD Disposable Nitrile Gloves Review
CHGD Disposable Nitrile Gloves Review
CHGD Disposable Nitrile Gloves Review
CHGD Disposable Nitrile Gloves Review

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Video Transcription:

Hey everyone. Welcome back to the place we were testing every single glove on mat. Oh, okay. Not all the gloves on Amazon, but we're testing, uh, some of the called boxes. Um, all right, so this is the, uh, disposable nitro gloves by which you can tell is gonna be a Chinese brand cuz they just literally pick four random letters and that's their brand. Um, so let's open up the, and, uh, Terry, let's do this and see what, see, see what we got in there? Oh, that soft touch, that beautiful soft touch box. It's making it hard for you to open. Um, look, we like soft touch boxes here, people. Okay, thank you so much. So she's gonna cut a, um, uh, what's called a, a dog bone out of it, which is a little piece of the glove. And we're gonna take that over here to Chris, who's gonna put it on this fancy machine and he's gonna test it for it.

Let's take a look at, um, this, I like, it's not a bad glove. I mean, it feels pretty nice. Goes on nice hand feel, hand feel. Seven outta 10. Let's do this. That broke a little bit faster than I would have anticipated to do that test. It's not, I mean, I would say of the glove so far that we've put on, that's probably right solidly in the middle for like, uh, I mean, I could tell with the soft touch box that this was not gonna be a bad glove. I'm gonna do another test on that. Well, that's pretty good. That's pretty good actually. All right, let's talk about this. Oh, we got the dog bone already. Look at that. Right? So here's the dog bone. That's why we call it a dog bone. That is the little piece we are going to take out. Chris is gonna put on this machine.

We'll show you that in a minute. Let's talk about this box. We've got some things going on that are a little bit weird. All right, so this is, uh, as I suspected, it's made in China by the Landau Medical Technology Group. You would think that the C H G D would correspond in any way to the name of their company, but it doesn't, it's just literally random, which is kind of the <laugh>, the gold standard for, uh, Chinese brand names. Um, now this does not say exam glove. When it says medical exam, that means it's held to, uh, an American standard. Um, and it, it doesn't say that. So why are we testing this with the, the medical exam gloves? Well, I'll tell you because it does say food handling on here and food handling is another one of those things that for it to be before it can be food grade. It has to first be medical grade, right?

It has to be the same physical properties as exam grade. Yeah. It has to, uh, pass the D 73 29 oh. Um, and comply with NFS P 1 55, which spec, uh, stipulate that it is the same physical properties

Like we've said before. He's available for parties. All right. Got my black gloves on. I'm ready to do this test.

I'm actually not doing anything as he's doing it. I'm not even li I'm not even pressing the button this time. All right, so let me, let me, since I'm not doing anything else, explain what's actually going on here. So, um, to meet the, uh, the test standards in the United States, um, we need to hit a 500% elongation. Literally, we're gonna stretch this thing up to 500%, um, and see where it breaks when that line falls off, that means it breaks. It also needs a tenile strike of 14. Now, again, this is not a medical exam glove, and it was made in December of 2021. So it's an old glove, which is gonna happen if you're buying gloves from China or Thailand. They're being put on a boat and moved over here. Where are we at? Right here. Right there. I see it. Yeah. So it's, it's right in the middle of the curve, which is exactly what I said when I pulled it.

And I can see it's right in the middle of that curve. So if a glove is, oh, okay, that's actually not bad. So if a glove is old, it needs to pass 400%, not 500%. We only hold newer gloves to that 500% standard, and this one actually made it. So this is gonna be a pass 405.36% with a tensile strength of 19.769. The CH c ch H G D gloves, acceptable <laugh>. Um, all right. Thank you guys so much for watching. Appreciate your time and attention. Pretty good glove. Um, I would actually, I would wear this glove. Um, I, I, I don't remember what we bought it for, but it seems like it's pretty good. Uh, so thank you so much for watching and I'll catch you on the next glove test.