AMMEX Gloveworks Nitrile Gloves Review

Elongation: 493.06%   |   Tensile Strength: 22.073   |   Overall Grade: Pass

We are testing every glove we can find on Amazon! In this video, Lloyd checks out the AMMEX Gloveworks Nitrile Gloves manufactured in Malaysia. 

AMMEX Gloveworks Nitrile Gloves Review
AMMEX Gloveworks Nitrile Gloves Review
AMMEX Gloveworks Nitrile Gloves Review
AMMEX Gloveworks Nitrile Gloves Review

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Video Transcript:

Hey everyone. Welcome back to the place we were testing every single glove that we can get our hands on. And that's a joke. Come on, I've got six kids. I got to keep the dad jokes up. This is glove works by Amex. No, not that. Amex the one with two Ms. Let's get that open and get some points going. Where are we going for vacation? Huh? Okay, so Tara is going to take a little sample out of this. He's going to cut what's called a dog bone out of the palm area of the glove. We're going to hand it over to Chris. He's going to put it on his fancy machine. He's going to stretch it until it breaks. And then we are going to judge the heck out of that glove. We're going to be super judgy over here. I'm assuming that's why you tuned in, not just for my witty repartee.

Alright, let's

Put these gloves on. These are XL and what I would like to say to Amazon, dear Amazon, I ordered mediums and you sent me xl. What the heck? Oh, you're done already. I tell you. Got to throw something at me. Alright, so this is the dog bone and I'm going to do the wince test. So these are C, they're orange, they've got texture on 'em.

Oh, oh

Wow. That's a top 10. That's a top 10 winch test there. That was so weird. And then it just fell apart. So that beaded Glo, that beaded cuff was really holding it in there. So this is an eight mil, claims to be eight mil. Feels like eight mil, maybe more extra thick diamond texture, powder free. All gloves are powder free in the us. Touchscreen compatible. Yeah.


Oh, the texture would do that. Industrial automotive, chemical food processing. Plumbing. Okay, so they're making food, they're making claims with that. Harsh chemicals, although good quality nitro gloves provide an extra excellent biological barrier. They're not intended for applications involving prolonged direct exposure to harsh chemicals where heavy duty or industrial gloves are required. Noted. This is made by the Amex Corporation in Kent, Washington. A M m e Made in Malaysia. It's pretty funny. I'm sure Amex loves that. They were made a year and a half ago. Wait,

Yes, they were made a year and a half ago. That's pretty old. And we're going to hold 'em to this test that we do. Here is a tensile strength and elongation test. Chris is mounting this in the machine. He's going to head start and once it starts going, we are going to stretch this sample until it breaks. When it breaks, you're going to see on the screen a drop here. That's what all of these are. They're all breaks. We break every glove that we get, every single one. And if one doesn't break, we take it out and we set it on fire, we break gloves here. That's what we do and we want them to meet at least 500%. Now this is an old glove. It's actually a very old glove, so we expect it to get 400% or better with a tensile strength of


And we're off to the races.

Good curve.

Middle. A little bit lower. Yeah, lower. Yeah. Can see it there

Where we

1 95. So typically these really thick gloves don't do super well on the elongation. And I wondered that's just because they're more hardened. They're so thick. There we go. So look at that curve. It's even lower now we might make close to 500. Yeah, four 20 or just


There. It is close. Oh, just under. Now that actually is a passing score. 22.073 megapascals on the tensile strength needed to be 14 and 493% elongation. We needed it to be 400. Now if this was a new glove, it has to be over 500. But what happens is as gloves age, they get harder or they continue to cure and so we expect less out of them. And so once they hit that six month mark and this was just over a year, we expect them to kind of stay above 400%. Alright, thank you guys so much for watching. I appreciate this review of these extra large, even though I ordered medium glove works by Amex, not the credit card company. Orange Nitro gloves. Pretty cool. They're like, I don't know what the price on these was, but to be honest, they feel like they're thick enough to almost be reusable. I could wash these and take them off and reuse them again. Thank you so much for watching and I will catch you on the next test.