AKGK Disposable Nitrile Gloves Review

Elongation: 431.76%   |   Tensile Strength: 34.299   |   Overall Grade: Fail

We are testing every glove we can find on Amazon! In this video, Lloyd checks out the AKGK Disposable Nitrile Gloves manufactured in China.

AKGK Disposable Nitrile Gloves Review
AKGK Disposable Nitrile Gloves Review
AKGK Disposable Nitrile Gloves Review
AKGK Disposable Nitrile Gloves Review

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Video Transcript:

Hey everyone. Welcome back to the place we're testing every single mask that we can find on Amazon and off Amazon. We will break any glove that we can find. I don't care. So check it out. We've got the ak, gk, ak, GK K, which I'm just guessing is a Chinese brand. That's how a lot of manufacturers brand their names. We're going to open it up and see what happens. This is the most generic box I've ever seen. It's kind of like at the beginning of the pandemic when they would just make a mask. They put no branding on it.

That's what this looks like.

They're black. I didn't know that. Powder, latex free, non-sterile ambidexterity. Single use only made in China. It is. There we go. AU is the, this is like no information about this manufacturer, which is used. Very weird is that when we would get products, a mass from China, at least there would be a certificate inside that's usually required for Chinese manufacturing, and we're just not seeing that in the gloves. You want to do another one? You knew that one wasn't going to be accepted. This is a very thin glove. I can tell by just pulling it out of the box, but it dawns very nicely. I'm going to try breaking it. Here's the wince test.

That was about average, I'd say. Good. Interesting thing about most Chinese manufacturers, most Chinese manufacturers have been making most things now longer than longer or better than American manufacturers have been. That's not the case with gloves. We basically both started at the same time because all the gloves are made in Malaysia. They were not made in China, but now because of the pandemic, they are made here literally behind us and in China as well, which is great. I think there should be local manufacturing for just about every product. It smells like nitro. You remember that glove? That would not go on my fingers. I should have made you try it would've made me feel better. Have you try to put it on. Could have been me.

Yeah, so again, this is a very, very generic box that doesn't always translate into a not very good product. They're not making any standards. They're not making any claims, so we're just going to hold them to our claims on here, or sorry, hold them to our standards on this test. Basically what we're doing, actually, there's no manufacturer date either, so what we're going to do if you're just joining us, which is unlikely, what we're going to do is a elongation and tensile strength test. Basically, we're going to take this sample, we're going to stretch it till it breaks. When it breaks, you're going to see a line drop on the screen here and at that point happens. That's how much it was able to stretch. We want to see it past 500% ideally. That's the A S T M standard we're trying to adhere to, and a tensile strength of 14, which is basically the strength of the glove. That's why we're testing it, making sure that it's, once you put it on, it will actually protect you. Does this machine test condoms too? I suppose it would, wouldn't it? It

Could. Yes, it could. And they come off of forms just like,

Yeah, no. They're literally made exactly like


Alright. We're at, it's high. Yeah, it's very high, very steep. You think this one's going to fail?

I do. Not. A very good even film.

Oh yeah. Look at that. Oh, it looks like it's got 400, so depending on the age of the glove, if this was more than six months old, that would pass standards. Now, they didn't put the manufacturing data on the box, so we don't know. So we're going to call this a fail. Assuming that it's a new glove, meaning it needed to be over 500% elongation. It didn't meet that, but it did have a tensile strength of 34.2. Honestly, I'm assuming this was a budget option, not a terrible glove, A tough situation. I might do this. There are better gloves out there personally, but this is not a bad glove, but come on guys, just put a brand on it instead of four random letters. Alright, thank you so much for watching. I appreciate your time and attention and I will catch you in the next.