1st Choice Exam Black Nitrile Gloves Review

Elongation: 538.92%   |   Tensile Strength: 41.995   |   Overall Grade: Pass

We are testing every glove we can find on Amazon! In this video, Lloyd checks out the 1st Choice Exam Black Nitrile Gloves manufactured in China. 

1st Choice Exam Black Nitrile Gloves Review
1st Choice Exam Black Nitrile Gloves Review
1st Choice Exam Black Nitrile Gloves Review
1st Choice Exam Black Nitrile Gloves Review

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Video Transcription:

All right, everyone, welcome back to the place we're testing every single glove, not mask, glove on Amazon. Next we're looking at the first choice masks or gloves. <laugh>. We'll see if you're my first choice. Um, these are, uh, exam black nitro gloves, which is a very weird order to put that in. Tara two. Will you open that up for me? <laugh>?

Oh, she, she approves of the, of the perforation. Good perforation. Good perforation. I don't love the box. It could be a soft touch box. That would be better. Of course. Let me take a look at the back here. Um, this is distributed by Zoom. Get l l c use. We zoom and we get, like, that's our thing. Um, a lot of urgency in that name. And this is their first choice, uh, of gloves. Um, okay, so these are made in China, which China, by the way, not a huge manufacturer of gloves, uh, before the pandemic. So that's kind of been a recent thing. Um, mostly Malaysia. It does say medical on the, on the box here as well. And childcare. I don't, <laugh> I don't understand that one. And beauty, I, oh, says beauty, uh, oh, that's a whole nother standard. Grace is not happy. Oh, that's a whole nother standard. That's a, that's a, a length standard, right? Let's, let's see if these have the length. I don't think they, okay, let me do the, uh, the old, the, the, the non-technical, the Lloyd test here. The, we'll call this the flinch test. That's right in the middle. Right in the middle from what we've seen before.

That's pretty good. Okay, so if it says beauty on it now, the, the typically for coloring hair, right, it's gonna be a much longer glove, right?

Yes. Beautician's gloves, uh, would need to meet a 260 millimeter length requirement.

Oh, man, I just, it's a very exciting job that you have. Yes, 260 millimeters is the extra, how, how long, how many millimeters is this?

Oh, I don't know. Probably two 30.

Oh, so it's an extra 30 millimeters we're talking about. There's no way that this is, that's pretty short. That's not, this is not two 60. Come on, you're calling this two 60. Come on. Two

30, maybe two 40.

Wow. Come on

Guys. Come on. Get it precisely calibrated. Now again, um, we need this thing to stretch to, we, we like to see them above 500%. That's the medical standards in the United States. Because this club is so old, it actually has a kind of a mulligan <laugh> and uh, it only has to go to 400%, but it still needs a tensile strength of 14. As we watch this graph, this is all the masks we've tested or all the gloves we've tested today. Um, we gotta be right in there for tensile. Uh, and we gotta be, uh, right, ideally past here, we've only had two gloves. Uh, uh, and both of those gloves were five 10 K cleared gloves. So typically I would say if you can find a five 10 K cleared glove, that's a good, it's probably gonna be a good glove. Our glove is a five 10 K and as was, uh, another one, uh, that we just tested.

All right, so the test is going and it's starting to get muddy in here, but you can see it right there. It's right in, it's actually pretty good. It's on the lower end. And that's why I said when I did that test, I was like, this is about average and it's right in the middle. I mean, it's cutting it right in half. So about, about a year old this glove. So, okay, now it's climbing. See it in there. Oh no, no, I missed it. It's actually a pretty good curve. It's really low. This is the fourth lowest curve that we've seen so far. If it can hold out past 400, this is gonna be a great glove and it made it, can it do 500? Wow.

Nice. What a great glove. This might be the best. Oh, we almost beat our glove. Did you see that right before? This is pure, pure excitement folks. Oh man. If this is exciting to you, you should probably get a new hobby. I'm just saying like, have you checked out video games? Um, okay, so let me read this. 400 or 538.93%. We stretched that thing 538% before it broke with a tensile strength of 41.995, almost 42. And I'm looking, the highest we've seen is 47. That's the second highest, right? Yeah. Yes, that's the second highest. That is a good glove. Well, first choice, maybe your name was a little bit on the nose at first. I wasn't going to choose you, but I might choose you now. This is actually a really good job. Nice job guys. At, what was the name of it? Zoom. Get LLC over in Las Vegas. Made in China. A little bit old, but still has staying power. I don't know what we pay for this club, but this seems like a pretty good glove. I would recommend it. Thank you so much for watching. I appreciate your time and attention and, uh, if you like this video, gimme a thumbs up. Gimme a like, or don't you know, you could come to my house and kick my cats. That's always an option if you hate me and my cats. All right, catch ya. On the next test.