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Please be patient with us. We receive many donation requests per day and we’re working diligently to help as many organizations as we can!


Rest assured, someone will reach out to you soon!

Armbrust USA Donation Policy


Since we have you here we’d like to answer a few FAQs our donations department often receives! 


How do you choose who to donate to?

As a newer company we are trying to help as many people as possible but we do have a way of prioritizing requests. 


  1. First things first, we try to help our frontline workers. They risk their lives daily for our citizens and we recognize that they should have the added benefit of being prioritized over other requests due to direct exposure to COVID-19. We hope whoever you are, you can respect that.


  1. Next, as a proud Texas company we try to focus on organizations close to home (Austin, TX). 🤠 As a company, we believe strongly in philanthropy and that starts by giving back to the community that has welcomed us with open arms. 


  1. After that we prioritize donation requests in the order in which they were received!




We kindly ask that anyone who receives donations from Armbrust USA take pictures of your staff, residents, or patrons wearing the masks and send them to our donations coordinator. 


Since some of our donations are graciously paid for by our customers we like to thank them publicly for their contributions via our social media sites and our website. We believe the best way to do so is to show them where their donations went and how they’re being used for an amazing cause!


Anyone who wishes to receive donated items will have to sign our Social Media Consent Form agreeing to these terms and outlining the outlets we are permitted to use the photos on before donations are sent.


What if we’re not local, do we pay the shipping?

We ask that anyone outside Austin City Limits who is selected to receive donations pays the shipping for the products sent to you. 


Generally, with local donations, our staff delivers the masks ourselves! Since our staff can’t complete out-of-state deliveries on our own at this moment and our donations department isn’t fully formed yet, we must ask the shipping be covered by whoever receives the masks.


Shipping is something we are looking to include in the future, but with so many local donation requests coming in, it’s not feasible for us to include at this moment.


We hope you understand.

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