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Gregory Miegl
Best money I have spent on PPE!

I expected the boxes to arrive in similar condition to the picture above. I was pleasantly surprised to see only light creasing in the outside packaging. The masks inside are in perfect condition and my only regret is that I didn't order more. The regular price of these on this website was $79.95. Amazon wanted $99.95!!! I paid $24.95! It was like buying one box and getting 3 free. I cannot say enough good things about this company. Right now I am waiting for the three Elastomeric masks I ordered. I'm confident they will more than meet my expectations as well. Great job! Great masks! Great protection!

ACI damaged box

Bought two of the boxes of ACI masks in the damaged box sale. Both of the boxes had very minor cosmetic damage. All of the masks were still pristine inside the boxes. Incredible deal to stock up on masks. The Armbrust YouTube review of the ACI masks is pretty much on point and was the reason I decided to try them. A little less breathable than other masks I've used (this was in the review), but they form a nice tight seal around the face and nose.

Glad you are satisfied with the quality masks at these discounted rates!

Maryellen Cudney
Excellent, comfortable fit

These may be my favorite mask design yet. Close fitting yet super comfortable and breathable. Thanks, Armbrust!

Hi Maryellen! We are so happy that you are loving your ACI N95 masks! Thank you for your support!

Sturdy mask

Really a study mask. These are what I wear on airplanes. Not easy to put on quickly, but that wasn’t really the point, either.

Hello and thank you for your review! We are so happy that you are liking your ACI N95 masks and we appreciate your support!

Ray Sh
good material

Make in USA

Hi Ray! We are so happy that you are loving your ACI N95 masks and we truly appreciate your support!

Great Deal

The price for these was great. They are individually wrapped so I know even if the box is damaged (which was slightly) they would be fine.

Joel Smith
Great Deal

The boxes may be a bit beat up, but the contents were just fine. Live these masks.

Donna Gibson
Purchased Damaged box of Shawmut N95 masks

Purchased Damaged box of Shawmut N95 masks: none of the masks were damaged, so I'm trying to use them, although the straps are a bit tight
so I'm not going to give them 5 stars

Bryant Mitchell
Great masks with only cosmetic damage to the box

The duckbill are of excellent quality. It took a little effort getting the straps over my fat head and adjusting my glasses over the nose bridge, but other than that, they are fine. And very breathable.

Michael Anway
Excellent masks

These fit very well and give room to breathe.