Help us send masks to India.

Like the rest of the world we’ve been horrified by the surge in covid cases in India, and want to help. We built Armbrust to fight against the pandemic in America, but believe it is our duty to help everywhere we can.

Our advisors, which include scientists, epidemiologists, and public health officials have told us that there is a desperate need to get high filtration PPE into India, specifically providing masks to the poor in the hardest hit rural areas of the country.

We've committed to donating millions of our high filtration ASTM Level-3 masks to NGOs, hospital systems, and governmental entities in India, but we need your help to do more.

Our goal is to send a 50-100 million masks to those in need. Please help us by purchasing a package of masks for donation. We're offering these mask packs at cost, and will ensure that every purchased mask makes it way to those most in need via the Global Mask Initiative.