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50% off cosmetically damaged boxes of Regular and Small KN95 masks

Our USA-KN95 masks are constructed in the US with 100% American-made materials.

KN95 masks are an incredibly popular respirator design. The cone shape provides a tighter seal than surgical masks, while many find the ear loops more comfortable than the head straps found on traditional cup-style N95 masks.

It's a good design, but after testing hundreds of KN95s that we bought on Amazon, we consistently found that the most popular ones don’t even follow the Chinese safety standards they're based on -- with almost half failing the most important 95% protection standard.

People deserve a high quality, American-made KN95 that has been tested to exceed the highest safety standards — but since it didn’t exist, we made it.

Four layers of protection, breathable, and lightweight

Metal nose bridge for secure fit & less glasses fog

Two-way protection

FDA-Cleared (White 510k Only)

Made in America

  1. Clean your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer before touching the respirator.
  2. Hold the respirator by the ear loops. Place a loop around each ear.
  3. Adjust the respirator to cover the mouth and nose fully.
  4. Form the nose wire around the nose and cheek to close gaps.


  1. Grasp the respirator by the ear loops only and remove it. Do not touch the front or inside.
  2. Pull the respirator away and deposit it in the waste container.
  3. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.
User Instructions - KN95 Masks

Customer Reviews

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Ilene Segal
Great value!

I love the kids masks because I have a small face and they fit me well. They also come in color choices that I can match to my uniform at work. The "damaged" boxes were minimally damaged as you can see in the photo - please excuse my kitchen counter! Thank you Armbrust for keeping me in high quality masks that I still have to wear to work everyday.

Only slight cosmetic damage to box.

Thank you for the savings. The quality of the masks was the same. The KID'S KN95 masks provide a better fit for smaller faces. The cosmetic damage to the box was minimal or barely noticeable. The outer wrap was not compromised.

Glad to hear the masks arrived safe and sound!

Laura E.
Kid-size masks fit my female adult face well.

I finally took the plunge and purchased some kid-size masks and I'm glad I did. I personally think I have an average size head/face but the regular KN95's liked to climb up into my eyes which says "too big" to me. I had taken to stapling a tuck under the chin to hold the mask down and that worked but the kid-size mask stays out of my eyes and fits comfortably (and snuggly) on my face. I flew cross country and it was easy to keep my mask on the whole day of travel.

Glad to hear the small size KN95s are fitting so well!

Onna Chu
Good Deal

Good quality as usual, just only the wear of the box and I bought it with a really good price.

Happy to provide quality masks at a great price!