PM 2.5+ Electrostatic Filter Inserts - 30 Pack



We all know that surgical masks are the best consumer protection money can buy, but sometimes you have to use a cloth mask. If you’re going to wear cloth, make sure your mask has the best possible insert. 

Armbrust American Electrostatic Filter Inserts are a must have addition for reusable face coverings. Our filters are made from N95 materials, featuring our proprietary Electrostatic Armor Meltblown filter material, and are able to block out particulate matter down to 0.1 microns.

Breathe easier! Our American-made PM 2.5 filter inserts have 25x better filtration than other inserts, while also being thinner and using less material.

Designed, developed, and produced at our Texas facility, our filter inserts are rigorously tested for quality and safety.


✓ Breathable, & Lightweight
✓ Fits Most Reusable Masks with Insert Pocket 
✓ Made with the Same Materials as our N95 & Surgical Masks
✓ 25x better filtration material
✓ Electrostatic Defense Protection
✓ Tested at 99.2% Bacterial & Particulate Filtration Down to 0.1 Microns
✓ Made In America

Each pack comes with 30 filters: one for every day of the month.

NOTE: Electrostatic Filter Inserts are not intended for use with Armbrust Surgical Masks or KidSafe Pediatric Masks.