Nano MERV-13 Filter Case (12 filters)

SKU: NF-REG-M13-10X10X1-12X1

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Shipping makes up a massive part of the cost of your home filters. 

By buying Nano filters in bulk we can offer you up to 75% on the regular retail price.

  • All Nano air filters are rated MERV 13 and use synthetic media that is independently tested to provide protection from dust, pollen, pet dander, mold, smog, bacteria, and virus carrying particles by trapping 98% of airborne particles without impacting air flow.

  • 100% manufactured in the United States and designed with recyclable materials.
  • High-quality construction means electrostatically charged pleated filter media, reinforced wire backing for structural integrity, and a durable frame to resist heat and humidity.

Customer Reviews

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Fits correctly in an exterior air return vent

Newer Carrier systems use slightly larger than standard size filters normally available in hardware stores. Therefore, I had installed a replacement exterior duct cover that is easier to replace the filter than the system on my Carrier under unit filter. This allows me to use an 18 x 24 filter which is 8 sq in larger than the filter it replaces. And it is very easy to replace, unlike the Carrier system. This also provides a larger surface area which allows less restriction of the N-95 filter, which shouldn't be an issue if you change filters regularly. If a filter is heavily coated with debris, it is well overdue for changing. These filters are effective in removing allergens, as my symptoms have reduced after a week or so after installation.

Thank you so much for your detailed review! We are glad your allergies improved as your home air quality improved!

Alfredo Salazar
Home Owner

20x20 Filters received promptly and in good condition. Fit is slightly smaller than opening but still good. In use now for two weeks and is doing a good job. Cannot confirm filtration specs but fully confident with American made product by Armbrust.

Good value, and love that I'm supporting American Industry

Thank you for selling in cases so that the cost is comparable/better than the lower MERV 3M filters that I typically use. My biggest concern was whether my AC can handle the resistance of this filter. I confirmed with my AC company that it can take MERV13. I also did a basic airflow resistance test of this filter vs. my 3M filter--I used a hairdryer to blow a ball that is on the other side of each filter, and compared the distance the ball traveled. The airflow was comparable between the two filters. I would love for Armbrust to publish resistance data to help consumers.

Phyllis Kelley
Great Deal!!

I haven't had the filters long enough to know how well they work. I trust the Armbrust brand for my health masks and believe that the filters will prove to be as reliable. I truly appreciate the opportunity to try these filters at a reduced price with free shipping. I highly recommend this company and their products!

NC Erik
Good furnace filter

I like them despite the frame being slightly smaller than what I had been purchased from L****.