USA-Made Surgical Masks


Color: Denim

We believe every American should have access to medical-grade, surgical face masks at a great price.

Designed, developed, and manufactured at our Texas facility, each mask is rigorously tested for quality and safety.

Our American Denim Surgical Masks are FDA-cleared.  You can view our 510K here.

Our cutting edge, beyond clean, Texas facility is working at full speed around the clock to produce damn-near perfect masks.

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(Need smaller size? Check out our Kids Masks.)

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✓ Triple-layered, breathable, and lightweight
✓ Metal nose bridge for secure fit & less glasses fog
✓ Two-way protection
✓ FDA-Cleared (American-Denim Only)

✓ Rated at ASTM F2100 Level 3 (Lab Results)
✓ Made in America 
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All masks are sealed in packs of 50. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8627 reviews
Quality control problem

After recommendations from other physicians, I ordered a couple of types of masks from this company. The denim face masks have problems with ear loops coming off with light pressure. If you typically pull these off one handed, the loops will break away. In fact, some in the package were not attached even before use.
I like the testing described on their website, and buying USA. But as far as effectiveness, wearing a mask dangling by one ear is 100% ineffective. If you buy, carry multiples in your pocket.

Alisa white
Surgical masks

To me your mask are number 1#
In next few months I will order more, Armbrust--you rock...
My old cart I threw out yesterday
This one is ORIGAMI, HSN on their website, everything stays in ,doesn't fall off like the Old one did, like I said before I will only buy from Armbrust american made my healing worth it, only the best..

Thank you for your review!

We so appreciate your support and kind words.

Lynda Mclaughlin
Love these

This pic w cacti are Armbrust Kn95 & surgical one below. I usually only wear the surgical one but was waiting for Uber!! The plain surgical masks by ARMBRUST have kept me safe since Spring 2020..

Alejandro A
So Nice I Had to Wear Them Twice

Ever since the start of the pandemic I've purchased all sorts of masks. Most were good, but the truth is that it was hard to find one that I and my family could rely on. Sometimes I'll use two surgical masks when I need to be able to speak to people and still be able to protect myself. The best compliment I can give these masks is that I've ordered the same ones from Armbrust at least 5 times. It also helps that my parents really enjoy wearing these, and they're very picky about which masks they wear. Thank you from a satisfied customer.

Luis Pedraza
The Best

Have been buying ARMBRUST face mask here few times and Are The Best All Around In USA ,Best Quality !!! And Very Good Prices 👍

Julio Colon

I want to let you know that I still haven't received the package since October 18

Great masks

These are the only ones we buy. Well made here in the USA.

Surgical masks

Thank you....
I just got my order today. Came in a timely manner. Beyond 5 stars

Very happy with these masks!

I had stopped wearing a mask in early 2022 since I'm vaccinated & boosted, and figured I'm "safe." Well I got a nasty case of Covid-19 in early Sept and since I don't want to go through THAT again, I decided it's time to mask-up again (at least while indoors). These 3-ply surgical face masks by Armbrust are just what I was looking for. Great quality, great price, light weight, and as comfortable as a mask can be. Very glad to have discovered them!

Ngo Szeto
Reviewing recent purchase

By far, the quality is good. But lately, the Denim Surgical Masks, the bottom line of the mask is not produced same as previous order (see attached photo). Is that changing the style? or the new mask design? One more thing need to be concerned, I get missing mask upon my order recently, and the shipping carrier always shipped the wrong address, which made me confused. I have to contact Armburst customer service couple of time this year. But thanks to Armburst's quickly respond, I can get the replacement for the missing mask. So, please make it a concern dealing with the carrier.