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Donate Surgical Masks



Donate surgical masks in your name to a USA-based hospital, non-profit, or other institution. We prioritize organizations with the greatest need who apply through our website.

In order to provide these orders at a discount, donations may include slight aesthetic imperfections, while still passing our extremely high filtration standards.

Would you like to request a donation for your organization? Click here.

We believe every American should have access to medical-grade face masks at a great price.

Designed, developed, and produced at our Texas facility, each mask is rigorously tested for quality and safety.

Our FDA-registered masks are constructed with virgin polypropylene to block 99.2% of bacteria and particles down to 0.3 microns.

Our cutting edge, beyond clean, Texas facility is working at full speed around the clock to produce sterile, damn near perfect masks. 


✓ Triple-layered, breathable, and lightweight
✓ Secure fit
✓ Two-way protection
✓ 99.2% bacterial and particulate filtration down to 0.3 microns
✓ FDA-Registered
✓ ASTM Level II Certification
✓ Made in America