How we’re helping protect wildfire victims (and you can, too!)

America’s west coast is currently experiencing devastating wildfires, which is making air quality in the region some of the worst in the world. Meanwhile, the country is still fighting back hard against the pandemic. The threat of not protecting our respiratory health has never been higher, which is why Armbrust American is donating more than 50,000 surgical face masks to wildfire victims.

Our FDA-listed surgical masks have an ASTM Level 3 rating, which means they’re capable of not only preventing the spread of COVID-19, but also all the microscopic dust, soot, and ash particles that permeate the air people are breathing in. That’s fortunate, since health officials warn that the people who are most vulnerable to coronavirus are also at highest risk of the added smoke in the air.

If you’re suffering from the wildfires, you can still sign up to request a donated pack of masks. Additionally, those who would like to increase our overall effort can help by purchasing a pack of masks to be donated.

We can’t do much about the devastating damage, but we can help keep you safe in the interim.