Closing Out This Imperfect Year With A Deal

Closing Out This Imperfect Year With A Deal

I want to first congratulate everyone for making it to the end of 2020. It was a hell of a year, and one where Armbrust American not only learned a lot, but also grew our business even more.

To make room in our factories for new equipment and increased product orders, we’re offering a Year-Ender deal to close out 2020. But, while we succeeded in producing the best disposable masks that exceed the highest safety standards... some of the packaging for those masks don't quite meet our standards.

To be COMPLETELY CLEAR, these masks are in perfect condition -- they’re tested like all our other masks, securely sealed, and up to the challenge of keeping you safe during the pandemic. But, we’re not willing to sell imperfect packaging at full price. (See the video embedded below for more details.)

So to end this imperfect year, we’re offering these imperfectly packaged, perfect masks at a huge discount. Right now get 50% off on packs of our blue and pink masks in cases of 200 and 2,500.

Thank you for making American manufacturing a bright spot in 2020. We’re in this with you for the long haul.

-- Lloyd Armbrust, Founder & CEO