Watch Our Surgical Masks Block Synthetic Blood (Lab Test)

American made masks are superior, not just because of our test results. We’re also making sure you, the customer, have the opportunity to see that test in action rather than just taking us at our word.

Most mask manufacturers, including those based in China, only test their masks every few years. Plus, they outsource testing to another company. Thus, Armbrust American has made it central to our strategy to provide reports more frequently -- to really make sure our masks stand up.

Today I’m happy to share our synthetic blood penetration test, which required the purchase of the fancy machine you’ll see in the video embedded below. (NOTE: When you see people online doing that “water test” where they pour a cup of water into a mask… this is the super expensive and far more accurate version of this.)

Now, if you’re not a surgeon, protecting yourself or family from blood shooting out of someone's neck might not be an issue you come across very often. However, this same liquid barrier protection can also stop airborne particulates from someone infected with COVID-19 sneezing on your masks.

Since our masks test out at ASTM Level 3*, the highest standard in the world, we set the pressure of the spray to 21.3 kPa, which is like 3.1 PSI in your bike tire. From there, we splatter 2 milliliters of synthetic blood from a 1-foot distance.

And as you’ll also see, that blood never stood a chance.

NOTE TO CUSTOMERS: *All existing Surgical Masks are now ASTM Level III certified. Updated product packaging may be delayed for a month or more.