American industry at its finest.

We are bringing strategic manufacturing back to the United States. All our products are made in the USA.

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Unparalleled quality.

Our surgical masks are crafted to the highest possible standards, right here on American soil.

✔︎ 100% American Made
✔︎ ASTM 2100 Level 3

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Style that doesn’t sacrifice safety.

Stock up on masks that give you real protection.

Most cloth masks only block about 30%. With the launch of our new colors, you don’t have to sacrifice safety to show some personality.

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An American solution.

The United States is the greatest country in the world. But over the past twenty years, we let strategic manufacturing leave our shores. In 2020, it put our very own safety at risk.

We’re drawing the line. Our new, state-of-art facility in Texas is producing millions of masks, scaling to produce billions. How? Automation, vertical integration, and good ol’ American grit.

Join us on our mission to bring strategic manufacturing back to the USA.

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